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Noise Issue Ford Escape High MilageI own a 2003 with the same problem 94K. I was concerned at first, but after inspecting everthing, I can only conclude this is possibly the shocks. I believe the center gasket that rides inside the chamber may be rattling due to possible dryness of the internal bushings. The vehical doesn't bounce excessivly, so I haven't had a great urge to run right out and change them. If I do determine this is the problem for sure, I will post an update.

I have found this is not the problem at all. The sway bar is sacrificial and is the weakest link. Happily it is an easy fix. The swaybar endlinks can be removed and replaced in a 1/3 of a day with simple tools. In order:

- buy the links

- jack up vehicle remove tires, have on safety stands

- the endlinks can be easily seen by comparing to purchased ones. They are about 8-10 inches long with 4 plastic mould dots for the bushing on either end, The are connected the the sway bar at the bottom and to a welded bracket on the strut.

- remove the two bolts on one side (use penetrating oil for a bit)

- replace and torque nuts. same for other side

- enjoy your clunk free ride

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โˆ™ 2011-09-14 08:44:14
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Q: Your 2001 XLT Escape is turning 65000km traveling over a rough road gives a thumping sound underneath Has anyone experience this and knows what it might be?
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