Your 2002 Nissan altima 6 CD changer is displaying err3 and won't play or eject how do you fix this error?

I Have the same unit in my 2001 Frontier, When that err3 showed i decided to open the unit myself and try to fix it. When i got it open the first thing i did is to give it a good looking over to see if there were any loose parts or disconnections. I found a small white plastic gear loose inside the unit. it took me several minutes to locate where the gear went, but i was able to put back where it belonged(the gear was for the roller that feeds the disc in and out of the unit) at the top right front corner of the unit. If you decide to try it, becareful with all the sensitive parts.

Unfortunately, after I put the gear back and got everything reinstalled, I heard the grinding noise again and received the err3 again. I removed and opened the unit again to see if the gear came off again. The answer is NO, it was right where it supposed to be. So This tells me that there is a mechanical problem. Which unfortunatley out of frustration i decided not try and figure out.

I was able to eject all 6 of my disc, this took some time, alot of time. All I did Was remove the unit and on the back bottom left corner you can see a white gear about a 1/2" wide. You can remove most of the exterior plates for easy access, but i just used a small flat head screw driver and carefully turned the gear clockwise. Like i said this will take some time.

Apparantly this is a major problem with these 6 disc in dash players.

Alpine and has a unit that will work with these systems, even with the steering wheel controls. This is the route i decided to take. i may not be able to get another 6 disk changer, but with the new alpine unit i will be able to hook up an iPod(Much more convienent. I will let ya'll know how it turns out.