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it could be the tires. especially if it has been curb checked. a bent rim isn't unreasonable either

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โˆ™ 2006-01-16 00:29:26
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Q: Your 2003 Honda van that has wobble in the steering wheel at intermediate speeds Problem started on install of new tires Had tires rebalanced and rotated mechanic thinks bent rim could it be the tires?
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Where to go to get a steering problem fixed?

An auto mechanic

My cars only shakes when I speed up between 50mlhour and 60mlhour What problem could it be?

Sound like your tires may be out of balance. Easy fix go to your local mechanic and have them rebalanced

What is the problem with a berlina commodore when the steering locks at start up the steering is heavy after startup I put in park then rev and theres a click then steering light?

someone said torque converter. mechanic tried replacing high pressure hose but problem still there. I thought power steering pump cos it was replaced December 2012 and problem started soon after. mechanic (bates) said the problem is hard to diagnose. this information was added by the original poster

There's a loud screaming noise under the hood mechanic said power steering but adding fluid did nothing and there never was a steering problem. It gets louder as RPMs increase. What can it be?

The power steering pump could be on it's way out.

1998 Plymouth Voyager clicking in the steering column?

Clicking inside the steering column on the 1998 Plymouth Voyager sounds like a steering pump problem. It could also be that the steering box needs to be replaced. This should be looked at by a reputable mechanic as soon as possible.

Why is your steering heavy in your car?

If you are finding it hard to steer your vehicle, it could be a variety of things, though most commonly you will find that the problem lies with either your power steering pump, or power steering rack. Check your power steering fluid; if it is low, top it off with the proper PS fluid. If it is not low, take your vehicle to a trusted mechanic and have them inspect the problem.

What are Noise in steering in a Ford Escape?

Air in the pump can cause noise and friction during turning. An option is to ask your mechanic to bleed the power steering in order to remove the air. This will definitely solve the problem as long as the power steering pump is functioning optimally

You have steering problem?

No, my steering is fine.

Do new power steering pumps come with a new power steering pressure sensor?

No but if your mechanic wants to replace both he is probably ripping you off. Replace one or the other. If problem persists you replaced wrong one.

Why is the 4ws not working on your 1988 Honda Prelude?

Do you have a problem with four-wheel steering on your vehicle; if so, how do you know that? Dash light? Performance issue? Mechanic's analysis?

What happens if you accidentally pour power steering fluid into your transmission?

I am not a mechanic, but I know you have a problem. I would suggest draining the transmission and replacing it with the proper fluid. I wouldn't drive it because I think that might worsen the problem.

Who can repair a locked stering wheel?

Try jiggling the steering wheel as you turn the key. Once the key is turned there is nothing left that locks the steering wheel so if you still cannot turn the wheel the problem is probably in the steering gear. Any halfway decent mechanic can repair it.

Why does a car steering wheel shake when you give it some speed?

I'm not a mechanic, but experience of the problem took me to the garage, where it was diagnosed as the Tracking being out. Also incorrectly inflated or damaged tyres can cause the problem. Hope this helps.

Cause why 05 Nissan quest is shaking during a freeway mile of 65 mph?

You either have an alignment problem or your tires need to be rebalanced.

You can't make left or right turns in my car what's wrong?

If you cannot make left or right turns with car , this may mean the steering has a problem. The axle inclination of your steering may be faulty and this would require immediate attention from a mechanic.

Power steering 1994 grand am problem?

problem with power steering 1994 Pontiac grand am 2.3L

Can a mechanic tell why your battery died?

Yes, and decent mechanic can find the problem.

There is a clicking in the steering wheel when turning on a 01 Aurora what might the problem be?

we just bought a 2001 Aurora and it started doing the same thing......It is a common problem come to find out and we had to replace the intermediate steering shaft. I think it cost us approx. $250 to have it done and solved the problem!! Good luck . If you haven't solved your problem yet Email me at and put AURORA in the subject box so that I don't delete it. I can send you instructions on how to do the job yourself for a very few $$. Also I had a clicking noise on my 02, took it back under warranty and they changed the upper bearings in my front struts. Cured the problem. Also I did have the intermediate steering shaft problem and had it repaired under warranty. Came back after about 25K miles. Still living with it. Just had heart surgery and can't tackle the job yet. Hope tjis helps.

Is there a problem with the Acura MDX rack and pinion?

There is with my 2007 MDX with 49,000 miles ... mechanic says the rack and pinion has stopped responding and they do not know why. Also wants to replace the power steering pump.

How much to fix it the shaky wheel?

From my experience with this problem it isn't the steering wheel that is shaking but your U joints could be bad or something else under the car. Get it to a mechanic. Can't give a cost for this.

What is the knocking noise in the steering wheel of your 2004 tohoe?

It's the intermediate shaft in the column. I had a 2002 suburban and my husband had a 2005 GMC Sierra. Both vehicles had to have this replaced. My 2006 Tahoe and his 2007 z71 don't have this problem. According to dealer techs, was a problem from 2002-2005.

Is banging while steering back and forth possibly a tie end rod problem?

Could be tie rod or steering gear problem.

How do you diagnose a power steering problem in a 2005 Chevy Cobalt?

I have a 2006 Cobalt and about 6 months ago my power steering went out. There isn't really a way to check it besides taking it to a mechanic and having them hook it up to the computer. It's expensive to replace the power steering in these cars. It cost us $600 just for the part because you have to completely replace the steering column. It's really a pain. Hope this helps!

Power steering gone on your atsra automatic?

what is the problem with my power steering on astra automatic

Steering problem 2004 silverado?

Steering shaft. Gm part number 19153614