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We had the same problem, and thought maybe it was the battery, turned out to be a faulty clutch switch. Next time the car won't start, try pushing down HARD on the cluch 3 times and then try starting it again, if it starts, you've got a bad clutch switch. Hope that helps!

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You can change a timing belt on a 2007 kia spectra by first making sure that the engine is turned off. Pop open the hood and locate the timing belt, and remove the belt carefully.

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I would first scour you local salvage yards. They can probably find you one on their nation wide network.

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Where is evaporative emission control systemvent valve solenoid malfunction on 2005 kia spectra?

Hey buddy don't go so far. Check the tank cap first

Why is red always the first color in a spectra?

It is the first color in the visible light sprectum. its really close to non-visible light called infrared light (heat). That's why things that are really hot are usually red. It's true that we could look at things the other way around and consider red to be the LAST color (with violet being the first), but going red-to-violet means the lower energy (and lower frequency) wavelengths come first.

How do you take the window handle off a 2005 Kia Spectra?

To take the window handle off of the 2005 Kia Spectra, you will first need to remove the interior door panel. This panel pries off of the vehicle using a flat screwdriver or a prying tool. Then, access the door handle by removing its cover and then remove the screw at the center of the handle.

What's the problem if the engine stalls during deceleration?

A few suggestions, first I would not drive this car until I have had it checked out. losing power can cause hard steering and braking loss. Some of the causes could be a dirty fuel filter and or fuel injectors, some other intermittent causes could be a loose connection on the battery or elsewhere.

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