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My 6 year old chihuahua is pregnant by a 6 month old chihuahua. The vet said that the pups may not survive after birth.

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Can a feamale chihuhua have pitbull puppies?

No, a female Chihuahua can not have pit-bull puppies The Chihuahua is a very small breed dog. The pit-bull is a large breed dog. Breeding a Chihuahua with a pit-bull can not only cause issues with the puppies but it can ultimately cause death to the female Chihuahua.

Where did the chihuahua puppy come from?

Chihuahua puppies come from female chihuahuas. The breed chihuahua is considered to come from the City Chihuahua in Mexico.

How many puppies should a Chihuahua normally have?

The average litter in a correct female is two to four pups.actually my female chihuahua had 6 pups

What would you do if a female chihuahua tried to eat one her newborn puppy?

Our chihuahua tried to eat one of her puppies. We had to put it with another mom that just had puppies.

What is the average amount of puppies with a male Miniature Pinscher and a Female Chihuahua?

Chihuahuas usually have about 4 puppies but it depends on age and size of dog.

Can a six month old puppy produce puppies?

No. A female dog must be 3-4 years old. If a six month old does produce puppies, that's one amazing puppy... But it's not possible. Hope this helped!

Can you breed a male chihuahua and a female German shephard?

It's possible.

Can you breed a female chihuahua with a labrador?

No because of size, i mean think about it... but i think it would be possible to breed a male chihuahua to a female lab. If she was laying down.

Can you breed a massive dog like a great Dane with a tiny dog like a Chihuahua and what would the ofspring look like?

You could not do female Chihuahua male Great Dane, the size of the puppies would kill the Chihuahua in a matter of weeks. You would have to do a female Great Dane and a male Chihuahua by artificial insemination. I'm not 100% sure, but it should be possible by all means. And there is no way of determining what offspring will look like.

When can male chihuahua go back female chihuahua after giving puppies?

Well my dog has just had chiuahua puppies about 7 weeks ago and the dad is trying get at her again so about 7 weeks. just let them do it in there own time if you want to breed them

Can a female chihuhua have pitbull puppies?

it is possible the chihuhua is mated with a pitbull

What age is a male chihuahua is ready to breed?

Hi Can you tell me when a male chihuahua is ready to breed? I have a female and a male chihuahua and he is trying to hump her. Please answer as soon as possible. Thank you Freda

What is the height of a female chihuahua?

! The height of the female chihuahua is about 5", and the width about 9".

Can a chihuahua breed with a blood hound?

if it is a male chihuahua with a female blood hound ,that would be possible BUT not recommendable, according to breeders it would be unethical in case of a female chihuahua with a male blood hound NO the chihuahua would likely die in pregnancy or birth so overall the answer should be NO, the bloodhound is too big

Is it safe for a female teacup chihuahua to mate with a male fox terrier chihuahua mix or would the puppies be too big for her to deliver or carry?

dogs can technically be bred with any kind of dog. i have a wired hair terrier and Chihuahua mix. so you should be fine.

Can a chocolate lab female and a chocolate lab male produce all black puppies?


Will a female dog have puppies after only 1 mating with a male dog?

This is possible, yes.

Is it possible to breed an English mastiff with a chihuahua?

Yes, but the male should be the chihuahua. Using a male mastiff would injure the female chihuahua, and the pups would likely be too large for her to survive pregnancy or delivery.

Is it possible for dogs to be stuck twice and the female not produce pups?

it is possible but it might mean the female dog has a tumor

Can a male pit bull and female chihuahua mate?

No the puppies will be to big and mom could die.Always breed a dog with one near its own size and weight.

When a female that had puppies go to a groomer?

When can I take to the groomer a female that had puppies

If a female dog is with another male dog will they mate even if the female is not on heat?

The male dog may try and mount the female but if she is not in heat they cannot produce puppies

Is a poodle to big for a chihuahua to give birth to?

It all depends on how big the male poodle is in comparison to the female chihuahua. In small breed dogs, it is better for the male to be the same size or smaller than the female. If he is larger, he should not be any larger than 35% more body weight than she is ( for example.. a 6lb female and a 8lb male) or she might have problems delivering the puppies naturally and need a cesarian performed. You could have a vet do an ultrasound or X-ray depending on how far along she is to get a better idea how big the puppies will be and get their opinion on her safely delivering the puppies.

Is it dangerous for small chihuahua and a male toy fox terrier to have puppies?

It depends on the size of the female. Small female Chihuahua's are very likely to need Cesarean Sections, you should NEVER purposely breed a female Chihuahua to a male dog (of any kind) that is larger than her. Chihuahua's should only be bred with extreme care and preparation for the worst.

How do mother dogs feed puppies?

On their bellies they will have nipples that produce milk (just like a human female) and this is how they feed their puppies until around 5 weeks old when the puppies teeth start growing in and they can eat on their own

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