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if its also losing power up hills etc ... it could simply be the distributor points gap. Needs to be 0.016" (0.4mm). Unit probably needs a complete tuneup, new fuel filter and carburettor adjustment.

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โˆ™ 2008-12-08 03:54:03
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Q: Your 70 VW bug has 1600 dual port motor wont stay running and shuts down every time you go to stop what is going on Help?
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Why does a fan remain running after ignition shut off?

The fan remains running after the vehicle shuts off in order for the engine to cool down. Once the motor cools down sensors trigger the fan to shut it off.

Does the anti theft shut down all electronics to motor?

no just the motor shuts down

You have a 2001 XTERRA and every time you come to a stop your motor shuts off what could cause that?

1. The engine coud have malfunchoned and 2. The car has to be broit to a Car Shop.

Why does your 2004 explorer cut off while going down the road?

if your foot is off the gas when it shuts off and will restart its most likely the idle air control motor

What happens if two motors are connected in series?

If one motor shuts down due to mechanical failure or if it is turned off, the other will continue running as the circuit is not broken. IN SERIES, if one of the motors breaks down, the circuit will be broken and neither motor will run. IN PARALLEL, if one motor shuts down due to mechanical failure or if it is turned off, the other will continue running as the circuit is not broken. The only consequence of having two motor in series is it will run faster than the other as the power will not be evenly distributed between both motors because the internal resistances will differ as a result of living in an imperfect world.

Why is your 1995 seadoo xp beeping while running in water and then shuts off?

You have a problem

Its not getting gas .shuts off?

your whole car doesn't shut off its only that your car doesn't keep going it still can have every thing else

Why does the roketa 250cc motor scooter idle ruff and then shuts off?


When you turn left on occasions the motor shuts off?

well that means that your car just BLOWS

What are the dates on which every thing in japan shuts down?

5 may

Where are the space shuttles going to be held after NASA shuts down?

In a mueseum

Furnace turns on gets to temp blower motor starts thens shuts off almost immediately motor is hot to touch?

Replace blower motor it's burned up.

Why does Engine shuts off on Mercedes ml320 after running for a few minutes?

Check ur cps sensor

Why does my Kia Sportage 2000 shuts off when i reverse?

Kia Sportage Problems In 2000, the engine shuts off every 20 minutes and 1 hour after turns

Oil pressure gauge reads low but is oil is full then car shuts off it will restart but shuts off again after a few seconds?

Need more info. What kind of car? What model? What year? How many miles? Most cars will run with no oil in the motor, Only for A short time, This will ALWAYS ruin motor, Oil level being full does not make the car have oil pressure, although the car will not have oil pressure without oil in the motor. Going by the info. given, The motor needs rebuilt, This may not be the case though. could simply have a bad sending unit or guage.

Why does the compressor keep running when the condenser fan shuts off?

If it`s a heat pump it may be in defrost mode.

1995 blazer shuts off while running?

Replace the ignition module and see if that don't fix your problem.

What causes my 1999 Pontiac bonnevlle to start then shuts off?

anti theft going out

Does a 98 Chevy cavalier z-24 have a fuel shut off?

If you mean a inertia switch that shuts off the fuel pump in case of a wreck or something, No. The computer shuts it off if the engine is not running.

Symptoms of a bad throttle position sensor on a mercury outboard engine?

motor shuts off when put in gear sometimes

How does engine immobilizer works?

It sends a signal though one of you motors kill/stop switches and shuts the motor off.

Why does 2002 escape starts then immediately shuts down fuel pump is running?

Could be as simple as a clogged fuel filter.

How do you trouble shoot a synchronous motor that shuts down on power factor within one minute?

Not sure why you are describing the shut down as being power factor related. If it shuts down after a short period I would expect that the motor has a thermal protection cutoff and the shut down is being caused by a bearing over heating.

Day Light Running Lights for a 2000?

what about the day running lights? You want to know how to turn them off?If you do then once you start the truck turn the light switch to the left and that shuts them off.

While driving your 2000 deville once it heats up it shuts off and doesn't crank until it cools a little you've changed the crank sensors top and bottom what else could it be?

It may be heating up too much. There is a sensor that shuts down the motor when it gets too hot to keep from damaging the motor.