Your 86 Corvette turns over several times before starting too many times What is the cause?

My 1986 Corvette has done that since the day I bought it....I have been told it has something to do with the fuel injection car turns about 3 to 4 times before it biggy

I had a similar problem, with also a power drain, and after lots of rummaging around i finally found out the problem of the starting issue. When you turn the key to the second position (the one just before cranking), do you here a kind of wirring noise from the rear of the car? if not, then you might find its a relay that's gone. There is a fuel pump relay just under the wiper motor that is attached to the body, by replacing this, it solved the starting issue. you can test this as there is another relay, the MAF relay, which is attached to the wheel arch near the battery, attached with a couple of press studs. if you disconnect the MAF relay and replace the fuel pump relay, you should notice the difference straight away.

hope this helps