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Engine overheats When a car or truck overheats idling, in town, on the highway, while towing, etc. it is important to find out the reason to prevent engine damage. First, with the engine cold, make sure the radiator is full of coolant; if it is low, fill it and keep the radiator cap off while the engine idles to insure all air is bled out of the system ( air trapped in the system can cause overheating also). Check the coolant level daily; if the coolant goes down without visible leaks, it may be a head gasket starting to leak which will also cause the heater to blow cold air due to the lack of available coolant. If the coolant stays full, but the car continues to overheat, the next step is to replace the thermostat in the engine and flush the cooling system if that has not been done over the last few years.Buy a thermostat at a parts store and a PRESTONE flush kit which has excellent directions on the package.After completing these steps and the vehicle still overheats, have your cooling fan sensor/switch ( if equipped)checked out to insure it is coming on. Water pumps are seldom the cause as they are mechanical and will continue to work until their bearings give out. Finally, the radiator itself is often the problem as it tends to build up corrosion internally which prevents it from transfering engine heat to the coolant. Remove it and have it 're-cored'. One of these steps will solve the problem.

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Q: Your 89 Prelude overheats after replacing a heater hose you also slightly collapsed one of the brass heater core inlet pipe you have previously replaced all hoses radiator thermos Is air the prob?
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1996 aurora overheats new wp radiator thermostat. still overheats?

try a radiator cap......or you have a head gasket leak.

Car overheats in the rain?

it can..rain has NOTHING to do with your radiator or the thermostat

What would cause Both radiator hoses to collapsed?

Radiator cap

Why does my car idle without overheating but overheats when driven?

possible radiator resrtiction

Transmission fluid leaking from fitting below radiator cap after replacing radiator on 99 surburban?

"transmission fluid leaking from fitting below radiator cap after replacing radiator on 99 surburban

Why 1994 v8 tarns am overheats?

first check to make sure your fan comes on. if it does then there are several things that could be wrong. first do you have enough water/antifreeze in the radiatior. check to make sure you have no leaks. then replace the thermostat located in the top radiator belt housing connected to the motor. if it still overheats try replacing the water pump. if it still overheats after that check your oil to see if theres water in it if there is you blew a head gasket

Why does your 1996 Oldsmobile aurora cuts off when i drive it?

There is a sensor that shuts your engine down when it overheats you should check your coolant level, check the coolant fan, check your thermostat to see if it is open,check to see if your radiator is plugged or restricted, check radiator cap, check to see if any hoses are collapsed, and check system airbound.

Does change in the radiator makes a head gasket burst?

Yes, if the radiator is clogged and the engine overheats. The main cause of head gasket failure is the engine overheating.

You have changed the radiator cap the thermostat the water pump is new and recently changed radiator the radiator stopped the frequenrt overheating but now very rarely it overheats and coolant boil?

Blown head gasket?

What does it mean when your top radiator hose has collapsed?

it means it is time to get a new one

How hot does the water in the radiator get after it overheats?

The cooling system is closed, and unlike NASCAR there is no fail safe way for fluid to escape if it overheats. instead the pressure will force the fluid through the weakest point in the system. Usually where the hoses meet the radiator or the block are where you will first notice the gas escaping

95 Jeep Cherokee intermittently overheats Not contingent upon AC however overheats only in summer Could it be fan relay or 5050 antifreeze?

Could be bad fan relay?Could be a plugged or restricted radiatorCould be a bad radiator capCould be a bad thermostat

If the water pump and thermostat have been changed and there are also no leaks in the hoses or radiator and your vehicle still overheats what is the problem?

check the heater core stopped up radiator

Why on a 95 ford probe gt would the lower radiator hose be cold when the upper radiator hose is hot and there is no thermostat in engine to cause a blockage and engine overheats?

clogged radiator or bad water pump

Replacing radiator from forester?

put a new one in

What is the cost of replacing a leaking radiator?

$10.00---in habersham

Can not replacing coolant ruin the radiator?

I belive it might

Why does my 2001 Ford Focus overheats at idle?

your electric radiator fan might not be working,check fan fuses

What damage is there from an engine overheating?

depending on how much it overheats.... you can blow a head gasket...warp your heads ... crack your radiator..

What happens if your radiator goes out?

car overheats and produces steam/smoke. may crack engine block or head.

Cadillac 1996 deville overheats driving fast?

when overheating occurs at highway speeds the cause is usually. a radiator or coolant circulation problem, Check for a restricted or clogged radiator.

96 Toyota t100 overheats then radiator leaks?

Be care-full my radiator blew up and burnt me. I replaced Radiator, thermostat, and water pump. Timing belt is in the way so I replaced it too. OK Now

Transmission leak after replacing radiator and hoses on 1997 GM Yukon?

Cooling lines from transmission to radiator?

What causes a mist coming from the radiator cap when the engine is shut off?

Consider replacing your radiator cap . .

How do you change the radiator in a 2000 Buick lesabre?

Instructions for replacing radiator on 2000 Buick Lesabre custom