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That usually means that the belt is slipping on the alternator pulley. You should be able to check the belt tension and if there is a tensioner, you may need to replace the spring. Otherwise, just tighten the belt.

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You have an 89 bonnevile just recently headlights are inop got park rear tail high beam you have found no fuse for the headlights you just recently put in a set of silver star ultra 9006 bulbs from?

There is no fuse for the headlights. There is a circiut breaker built into the light switch which should automaticly reset. My need to replace light switch. (about $120 for switch )

Why do the brake lights turn on with the headlights?

wrong taillight bulb is possible the bulb was recently replaced check to see if it has the correct application part#.

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I have the same deal. My shift indicatior light is only barely visible when the headlights are on. WE NEED AN ANSWER! Thanks.

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What is trouble code 12 on 1991 Plymouth Acclaim?

ECU code 12 is>>>battery or computer disconnected recently. For listing of codes go to (

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I recently changed the tail light bulbs in my 2001 Hyunday Tiburon Now every time the brakes are pressed down my headlights come on Why would this be happening?

Check to make sure that the tail light bulbs are in the correct sockets. Whenever there is a different watt bulb in an incorrect socket, braking may result in headlights and dash lights to light up.

How do you align headlights?

I recently purchased two replacement elemints for my 1997 suburban and now the beams are not why the old beams were shining. what did i do wrong, maybe is's a simple as aligning the lights. please help Thank you Ed

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Brake lights in rear stay on when headlights are turned on Why?

If you have recently replaced the taillight/brakelight bulbs... you may have installed the wrong type. This will cause the circuit to cross and light up both filaments, which would look like a brake light.

How do change Peugeot 306 headlight?

I have recently changed one of mine. All you have to do is lift up the bonnet and where the headlights are go behind them and there will be a simple hinged cap that u can simply pull open. Inside there will be a clip, remove that and out pops the headlight!

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Brakes probably need to be bled especially if you have recently had any work done to them..A bad master cylinder could also cause this.