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you are blowing exhaust through the intake. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what that means.

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Why is my Air conditioner on but not blowing?

You mean the outside unit is running and blowing but the inside unit is not blowing? Shut it off! Who ain't blowing? Elaborate please..

Why is the fan running in the unit outside but no air blowing on the inside?

compressor not running

Why wont my running nose go away?

did you try blowing it

My 2003 Kia Spectra is not blowing cold air?

Is the compressor running ?

What wrong with your AC at home if it running but not blowing?

evaporator frozen over

Why does your jeep suddenly quit running?

There are several reasons why a jeep could suddenly stop running. Common reasons. These reasons can include a broken engine, bad starter or alternator, or dead battery.

Why is your 1999 WJ G Cherokee pegging out at 80psi oil pressure suddenly and without obvious reason?

It's possible the valve seals are blown is it blowing blue smoke. It might also be slightly leaking at the head seal is it running hot.

Why is your outside ac unit blowing cool air?

the compressor is not running. Check your breakers.

Why it is said that we should not drink water suddenly after running?

you could get a tummy ache.

Why is air conditioner running outside unit but not blowing inside?

If your air conditioner is running outside by not blowing cold air inside through your vent, your indoor coil is frozen. You will need to turn everything off and allow the unit to thaw out.

What is the significance of running in the story running shoes?

Cause they help support your feet, back, and just body. Havent you noticed running with bad shoes hurts your back

Why is your 1992 Chevy s-10 4.3 6 clyinder not running rightput new fuel pump in new injectors in iac valve in and it is still not running right any suggestions?

Not sure what you mean by not running right. Is it stalling, skipping, hesitating, idles to fast, idles to slow, doesn't idle at all, backfiring, hard starting, spark knock/ping, running rich, running lean, blowing black smoke, blowing blue smoke, blowing white smoke, etc? Need more info.

How cold should the air be blowing out of vents when the AC is running?

55 degrees to 60 degrees

Blowing black smoke out of tailpipe?

Assuming this is a gasoline engine, it is running rich from excess gasoline.

How do people in south Africa earn there money?

by working,running businesses and blowing up atm's.

What will happen if excitation of a running synchronous motor suddenly cuts off?

something cool

Why does your ac stop blowing when you accelerate?

it shouldn't stop blowing, but the compressor will shut off momentarily while you accelerate to get slightly more horsepower than it would with the compressor running

1991 Nissan truck v6 blowing black smoke running rough when you give it more than quarter throtle?

It's running too rich.

Why is my York air conditioner blowing warm air?

if the compressor is Running you are low on freon, if its not then you have a electrical problem

Why my car start after blowing blue smoke?

Engine oil could be running too rich or rings!

Central air conditioner is only blowing warm air?

low on refrigerant or the compressor isn't running..

When he was running or when he ran?

Both are grammatically correct; the meaning differs slightly. "When he was running, I noticed him limp," conveys the idea that during an activity that is now over something happened., as in "he may not be limping now, but when he was running, I saw him limp." "When he ran, I noticed him limp," conveys the idea that (perhaps) he ran several times, limping each time.

Does your air conditioner need freon if it is blowing hot air?

More than likely. Ensure the outdoor unit is running and that the compressor is running. Also check your filter.

Joggers running along an urban running path noticed paint running out of a culvert into a nearby creek Local authorities investigated and found that some homeowners had painted the outside of their h?

toxic i think

What does action mean?

action is when there is stuff like, car chases, things blowing up, running away from someone trying to shoot/kill you,etc action is when there is stuff like, car chases, things blowing up, running away from someone trying to shoot/kill you,etc

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