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sounds like your transmission is slipping?

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โˆ™ 2006-04-04 21:57:59
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Q: Your 92 celica gts jerks when you improve acceleration or even when im just cruising at same speed also you watch the rpm gauge will jump up and down what may be the cause?
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What could cause a 95 Mark VIII to stumble under light acceleration and when downshifting and cruising around 45 however when its floored after a few sputters it accelerates without a problem?

Could be your power packs, either one or both.

Can Timing cause poor Acceleration?

Yes timing can delay your acceleration

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What can cause check engine light on 2001 Toyota Celica?

o2 censor

What could cause your Toyota Celica to shake while running?

wheel balance

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Why a slow response to acceleration on 2002 Malibu?

There are several things that can cause a slow response to acceleration. The most common cause is a dirty air filter. A dirty fuel filter can also cause the problem.

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What could cause Toyota celica rear wheels to feel unstable and wobbly?

They probably just need to be balanced