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idle air control motor IAC

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Q: Your 92 lesabre will crank and run with your foot on the gas if you let your foot off it stalls you have replaced the fuel filter and tps please help me?
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Your 1994 ford ranger stalls while driving you have replaced the fuel filter and spark plugs?

yes and no did not changed fuel filter

Why is my 1987 truck stalling i had my oil oil filter fuel filter air filter and engine belts replaced yesterday today it stalls at idle?

because it's a peice of junk

Your 89 560sl starts then stalls right away?

My 1998 E320 did this and it was the fuel pump. The dealer also replaced the filter and it was $1,100.

Runs at a idle and stalls when you accelerate?

Not much info to go on but if there is no "check engine" light and the fuel filter has been replaced, have the fuel pump pressure tested. If that doesn't help please tell us year, make, model and engine of the vehicle.

95 wrangler won't start sometimes replaced fuel pump and filter but still stalls and then won't start Wiring problem?

Maybe a O2 censor.

86 Yamaha venture it stalls 2-3 min after starting have replaced air fuel filter What is next trouble shooting?

take it to a mechanic?

Why does Plymouth neon stalls?

Bad fuel filter

What happens when cam sensor goes bad on 1989 buick lesabre?

car stalls backfires hard to start

Just replaced fuel pump and fuel filter car still stalls 1997 geo metro 1.3 liter?

fuel intake filter inside of gastank is collapsed. Remove the fuel intake line from the fuel pump and blow the filter open with a high pressure air hose.

94 Ford Probe 4 cylinder stalls at idle Replaced MAF sensor fuel pump fuel filter fuel pump relay Why is it still stalling?

Because it's a Ford.

Stalls starved for gas 1993 s10?

replace the fuel filter

Chevy S10 stalls at 2000Rpm when driving?

Replace the fuel filter.

Stalls on acceleration?

Could be as simple as a plugged fuel filter. Or faulty coil.

Car stalls at junctions when cold?

Have fuel filter or fuel injector checked..

Your blaster stalls when you engage the throttle?

clean jets and check fuel filter

Mercury Topaz with a replaced fuel pump still stalls and has a low idle What else could be wrong?

There are many things that it could be, but you should try checking your fuel pressure regulator. Did you replace the fuel filter first?

Why does Engine stalls when in low gear?

check for vacuum leak or dirty fuel filter

1997 Nissan altima stalls after 15 minutes?

Your intake manifold gasket needs to be replaced.

What could be wrong with a 2000 Pathfinder that has had the plugs wires rotor and distributor replaced at a dealer and the vehicle still stalls becomes hard to restart This doesn't happen all the time?

you could check the fuel pressure and fuel filter.

1997 ford mustang v6 recently replaced fuel filter and cleaned throttle body but it still stalls while driving has a hard time idling on start up and dies out sometimes?

Maybe need tune up

What if your 1991 dodge dynasty starts then stalls so how may psi are supposed to be in the fuel pump you think it might be the fuel pressure regulator or does anyone have any ideas?

Check your fuel filter. It most likely needs to be replaced.

Quad starts and runs but has no power and stalls?

Dirt in the carb, Dirty plugged up fuel filter, Dirty plugged up air filter,

When you change the fuel filter will car still start and cut off?

if changing the fuel filter, and it still stalls out. you have a problem with the fuel not getting to engine.

What could cause a 97 Chevy Cavalier to putter and stall after only driving it for ten minutes if you have already replaced the fuel filter?

Catalytic converter. 9 out of 10 times when a car runs fin cool and stalls when warm, this is the problem.

Why does your 1983 Chevy van with a 350 run and idle well for a while Then runs rough and stalls you have replaced the fuel filter fuel pump and distributer module?

It sounds like either a choke issue, or vapor lock. Good luck.