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unplug your day time running light module, that should turn them off

2006-08-08 10:08:02
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With headlights on no taillights are on checked bulbs are good on 79 Regal what causes this?

either a blown fuse or bad headlight switch

How do you get your 96 Ford Taurus headlights to go out when you checked the fuses and had to disconnect the battery?

You more than likely need to replace the headlight switch. Lights not going out when turned off is a symptom of a bad headlight switch.

94 AEROSTAR no headlights I replaced the headlight switch no help checked the bulbs checked good checked the fusible link on the stater relay but there was no fuse in the harness now where do i go?

I would go to the high beam switch next (test not replace)

1994 Chevy headlight problem?

the headlights and the tail lights will not turn on when i press the switch, also the dash will not light up like it it suppost to. i checked everything except the wiring. what is the best place to find headlight specific wiring diagrams?

Why do the headlights and interior lights come on and stay on as soon as the battery is connected on a 1994 Buick Park Avenue?

It really needs to be checked out but it probably is the headlight switch itself that is malfunctioning.

Why wouldn't your headlights on a 1990 Chevy Caprice Classic come on when you've checked the fuses and they are ok?

Is it possible one headlight has been burned out for a while, and the second one going made you notice it? If not, I would suggest the headlight switch as the next most likely part.

What is causing the headlights to not turn on checked bulbs and fuses?

faulty switch

How do you fix a daylight problem on a 1993 Nissan Sentra where one headlight is turning off after a few minutes?

not sure if this is the answer but have you checked to see if you have a ground wire that is loose or the connection is bad? as a bad ground connection will give you less voltage to the headlight/headlights and they will be rather dim. check your connections to make sure they are snug.

How should you go about fixing a headlight issue on a 2003 Outback Wagon Believe there is a runner issue. Checked and replaced fuses and tried 3 new bulbs and only right headlight is funcional?

Are both low and high beams out?

Why would the headlights on a 1991 Mercury Cougar with over 200000 miles flash on and off if the battery and alternator have been checked?

In october 1999 a recall came out for the headlights on ford thunderbirds and mercury cougars that require a new headlight switch with an incorporated circuit breaker contact the local ford or mercury dealer and they can help you out

Your 1988 Volkswagen Cabriolet headlights quit working you have checked the headlight bulbs and fuses for the headlight circuit and are ok What are other possibilities and how to do?

It is possibly a switch problem. If you can get to the switch, put a jumper wire to the two contact points (hot side and ground) with the key on the lights should come on and then you know the problem is the switch. psg

How do you repair headlight wiring on a 1985 s10 blazer that dont work at all?

Have you checked that the headlight switch is working properly?

Why would the headlights be so dim on a 1993 Plymouth Voyager?

Poor ground or weak alternator/battery. Have your electrical system checked. If your headlights are like the Headlights on most Voyager/Caravans the lens is dirty. I detail headlights at used car dealerships in the Jackson Tn. area and I use a product called CrystaLenz to restore the lenses. Most cars with plastic headlight lenses and especially Chrysler/Jeep products have that problem. Check out their website for more info.

My 98 Chevy Cavalier has no drl low beam headlights but the high beams work I checked the wiring to the headlights 12 volts checked fuses drl relay and replaced column switch. What is wrong?

You didn't mention if you checked/tested the low beam headlamps or not.

New headlight switch but dash lights do not work?

Have you checked the fuses and bulbs?

Why wont my headlights and brake lights come on in my 1995 buick century?

Have you checked the fuses?

Why is your headlights dim?

Low alternator output or weak ground connection. Have the alternator checked.

Why would the headlights not work on dim if the fuses are good on a 1993 Ford Ranger?

If the headlights are halogen, these tend to be sensitive to voltage spikes. Before replacing the headlights, have the electrical system checked for faulty voltage regulation.

1986 Pontiac Bonneville and the headlights have gone out you checked the fuse box but cannot locat a fuse for the headlights Where is it located?

in 1986 the headlights weren't fused the likely suspect would be the dimmer switch if it was located on the floor.

When headlights are on why doesn't radio light up on 1994 olds delta 88?

have you checked your wires

Why wont headlights on 1997 Nissan pickup not come on. I replaced with new headlights. All other lights working OK. Checked headlights fuses in box all ok?

I just had the same problem in my '97 Nissan pickup. Both headlights stopped working at the same time. I went through some hoops, including trying a new headlight switch, but it turned out to be some corrosion in the plug for the fusible link that bolts onto the positive terminal of the battery. I cleaned that out and it is working fine again.

What do you do your headlights and heater fan will not work and the fuses are good?

check the connections to the headlights and u might need to take your heater core out and get that checked out. or your belt may be bad or broken.

Why won't the headlights come on in your 1993 Lumina APV?

You have some kind of electrical problem that needs checked out.

Why do the headlights stay on and kill battery on the Oldsmobile aurora?

i would have the light switch checked to see if it is faulty

Why headlight on 1997 ford explorer xlt do not work already placed new headlight and checked the fuse.?

Try replacing the turn signal assembly. Everything is built into it.