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I experienced the same phenomenon and discovered from extensive research of forums that the MAF sensor is well-known for failure and the symptom is stalling at low rpm's (below 1200). Mine would act up intermittently and I wasn't sure why the sensor wouldn't just fail altogether... (which made me think maybe it was a fuel filter problem or other...) then I discovered that a wire had been spliced onto the center wire entering the plug which plugs into the sensor. The stiff bead of solder had been flexing the strands of copper wire through normal engine vibration and torque and, over time, several strands had broken. If there had been 10-12 strands altogether, there were only 3 or so when I discovered it... and just a little fiddling around left the frayed and slightly corroded bit of wire in one hand and the plug with the other wires in the other.

It took some doing, but I eventually reattached the wire to the little scrap remaining and the stalling (which had forced me under the hood to begin with) stopped.

I don't know if this splice is a Nissan thing or if some "mechanic" felt it necessary to splice into the line so closely to the plug, but it can't hurt to check out the same on yours. If it's determined that your MAF is defective, I've heard they can be cleaned with contact cleaner (not brake or carb cleaner) before you drop the big bucks on a replacement (which is usually available every couple weeks on eBay). Also make sure your air filter is clean and your hoses aren't cracked. Clogged filter or unmetered air can cause issues as well.

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Q: Your 95 pathfinder keeps cutting off when you stop or slow down?
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