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Your 96 ford contour prone to overheating ive been told its blown head gasket does anybody have this problem before?


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2007-03-21 22:39:25
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yes yes yes. I had to replace my engine the day after I bought it for a warped head, and a scored cylinder because of a head gasket leak that the dealer never fixed, then a year later i replaced the engine again for the same reason, once the head warps it cannot be fixed, only replaced. But usually by then its to late, and the rest of the engine is #@*@ed. Check the usual culprits, water pump, temperature sensors, gaskets to save your engine.

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You can warp the head and crack the block if you keep it running for too long while its overheating, that's only two things. Fix the problem before you blow the engine.

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Could be a problem with the engine cooling fan , water pump , restricted radiator , any body else have any ideas ?

In a Recent Update... They actually will give you an 5 minute warning before overheating.

yes, leaking coolant is what happens before the pump totally dies, then you have overheating and possible engine damage soon after the leaking.

Before you can fix it, you need to find where the problem lies. Most common causes of overheating are: thermostat stuck in closed position; faulty radiator fan motor or relay. Other causes are faulty water pump; clogged radiator or hoses; loose belt.

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It sounds as tho you have a water problem, your engine may be overheating and semi seizing. Before you do some severe damage to the engine go to a Mechanic and get his opinion. It may be best if you go to a dealer mechanic, or a Auto Club mechanic.

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DAngelo: I had this problem with my 97 Contour. The problem was that the water pump needed replacing. The rod in the center of the water pump was actually slipping, so sometimes the pump would be functioning and cooling, and other times not, so my heat gage would go up and down. Fortunately my mechanic had seen this before. ford contours are known for their crappy water pumps you can get an upgraded pump with metal impellors instead of the stock plastic

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In most modern cars, the cooling system is very complex, containing multiple sensors that monitor coolant temperature, flow, and other components. Staying on top of radiator flush services and changing the water pump before it breaks are two easy ways to reduce the potential for overheating issues. But if this happens, you will not have a choice but to call for help. Roadside assistance or a car removal service is the best way to deal with this problem. Call these numbers for a speedy response, 239-458-3333 or 239-656-4030.

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