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What makes a creaking sound?

a door a frog

Your steering wheel makes a squeaking what could it be?

You may need power steering fluid

What do you call the sound that a hyena makes?

almost squeaking or chirping, could sound like a bird

98 cavalier 2.2 now you have already replaced the struts front and back but the front of the car makes a squeaking noise when you start moving what could cause that?

Get Some WD40 on the front axle and the back one or check the engine!:P

What could it mean that your 2000 Ford Focus ZX3 makes a creaking noise in the front tire area when driving but not when it is raining and wet?


Your car makes a continuous squeaking sound coming from the front after about half an hour of driving. what could cause this?

te alternaor belt may be slipping causing the squeaking as it returns charge to the battery

What kind of animal makes a squeaking sound?

a mouse....?

What is the problem with a ford escort makes a squeaking and chirping loud noise when drive at low speed what could this mean?

you must have run over a budgie

Do front tires make squeaking noise?

no it makes cranky noises

What could the the problem if the engine of your Cavalier 2001 makes a clicking noise?

check oil and oil pressure if good sell it

What makes the power steering in a 2003 Chevrolet Cavalier squeak or whine?

low fluid would cause this or the pump could be going out

What is the squeaking noise your steering wheel makes when you turn it to the left?

try checking fluid level

When there are passengers in the backseat or things in the trunk of the car it makes a squeaking sound in the rear of the car when going over bumps or dips what could this be?

Defective rear shocks. Loose exhaust components.

99 cavalier z24 makes a clicking noise when I let off the gas. Have any ideas of what this could be?

check your belt tensoner

When driving down the road your car makes a squeaking sound when it hits bumps in the road?

You should check the struts.

How do you know your guinea pig is happy?

It makes a certain squeaking noise... but i don't know how to make it out... I hoped I helped!

When it rains or you get a car wash your car makes a kind of squeaking sound that sounds like its coming from under the car and it only makes this sound for a brief time as you start going?

sounds like you need new belts Your brake pads could also be wet

When my peugeot 106 is running it makes a squeaking noise that follows the speed of the engine not the wheels and I've checked the alternator belt and it isn't that what could it be?

could be a bearing in the engine, but more likely the alternator belt, if it looks shiny replace, then see how things go.

What would cause a loud sqeaking to comfrom the engine?

The cars makes squeaking sounds when your mother sits down on the seats!

Your car makes a squeaking noise it starts when you start the car and when you accelerate?

More than likely you have a loose or worn belt.

What does it mean when a hamster makes a high pitched squeaking noise?

I have had Dwarf Hamsters for a while, and before that i had syrians. When mine do it, they are either squeaking in their sleep, but mostly it's when they are having a squabble. If they're not squabbling, then they are just doing it because they want to. It's perfectly normal. :)

Sound of elephant?

The most common sound an elephant makes is a trumpet noise. They can also make sounds like rumbling, chirping, and squeaking.

What does it mean when a guinea pig makes a squeaking sound?

Your guinea pig is talking to itself!! You can message me with any other guinea pig questions!! :)

What makes the squeaking noise with each tire revolution?

One thing thing that can cause a squeakingÊ noise with each revolution of a tire is new rim brakes. Bad universal joints may cause the squeaking noise or the back plate may be rubbing on the rotor.

When you drive slow your car makes this high pitched squeaking noise and then when you are at a stop light it makes a grinding sound But when you drive faster the squeaking goes away?

The high pitched squeaking noise you are hearing is the warning device telling you your brake pads are worn out and need replacing. The grinding sound is the sound you hear when you ignore the squeaking noise and allow your brake pads to wear so much that the metal backing of the pad is rubbing against the rotor. Replace all brake pads on the same axle and have the rotors turned at a machine shop. You may end up having to replace the rotors if they are damaged too severely.

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