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hey i am having the exact same problem in the exact same car and have done the exact same thing to try and fix it. It probally is the ignition coil pack ($90.00) or the timing belt ($???). I don't know a way to tell if a coil pack or belt is faulty. Computer test just shows cylinder #2 Misfire. Let me know if you find it first. Hey I did a test with the brand new spark wires. I pulled the wire on the #2 cylinder (the other end of the spark wire was still on the COIL) and stuck a long peice of copper speaker wire in it. Then I took the other end of speaker wire to the frame and there was hardly no spark at all. The same test on another cylinder however produced plenty of spark. This proved to me that the problem was in the spark and it was not the wire or the plugs because i just changed them ($30.00) It had to be the COIL PACK, so I got one from autozone ($75.00) put it on and fixed the car. CAUTION: The test is dangerous you should us some kind of rubber insulator when handling the live wire and you also want someone else to turn the car over and off.

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โˆ™ 2005-11-11 14:07:37
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Q: Your 97 stratus misses it does it at idle and while driving you changed the spark plugs and wires it does it hot or cold what could it be please help?
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