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There's a good chance you have a blown bulb. You'll need to step out of your car with the flasher signal on and look at the front and rear lights to see which one isn't on. Remove the cover for the light that is not on and get a replacement bulb from your local automobile parts shop. Simply push in on the bulb and twist it to remove it.

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Q: Your 98 firebird left turning signal is on but won't flash?
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Why would dash lights flash when turning on left signal indicator?

You may have a "ground loop" problem on the left turn signal. Check the ground wire at the front and rear signal bulbs.

Do you turn the turning signal up or down if your turning left?

You turn the turning signal up to go left and down to go right. You turn the turning signal up to go left and down to go right.

How do you replace the front turn signal bulb located on a 2000 Pontiac Firebird 3.8L?


My 2000 firebird's left turn signal has stopped working the turning lights are out on that side and the flasher on the dash doesn't flash at all what do you think the problem is?

If you put the left turn signal on and it flashes quicker than it does if you put the right turn signal on I'm pretty sure one of the bulbs is out. Park your car with it running and the left turn signal on and walk around the car and see what isn't flashing that should be. Then you know what bulb to change, it should give you the exact bulb type/number/color in your owner's manual.

If you are making a left turn you must begin?

with turning the left signal light on.

In a 96 firebird the left turn signal doesn't work?

check for a burnt out bulb on that side.

Protected left turn?

When you are turning left as directed by a traffic signal left turn arrow.

How do you signal you're turning left with your hand?

Hold your left arm out horizontally - with your palm perpendicular to the ground.

What is a protected left turn?

when a green arrow points to the left :]When you are turning left as directed by a traffic signal left turn arrow.

When turning left at a green light can you turn left despite a red left turn signal?

no. hopefully you arent driving

Is there a law in Illinois concerning left hand turns in accidents stating that the car turning left is liable?

No. If the car turning left is in his proper lane and has the proper signal he is not liable.

Left turn signal on your 1996 buick century does not work when activated Tail light is solid but does not flash Left front signal does not come on at all What should I check?

It looks like your left front one is burnt out. When there is not enough current flow the good light will not flash.

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