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AnswerIt could be any number of things, such as bands (clutch pack, whatever you want to call it), hydraulic pump, valve body or just plane low on Transmission Fluid. Unfortunately anything that prevents the clutches from fully engaging. If the clutches slip, even a little, it can cause significant damage to the clutches and the transmission will fail completely. Check the fluid level first. If it's low, make sure it never happens again.

The first and cheapest step is to have the computer checked for trouble codes.

2010-01-07 12:11:52
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Q: Your 99 ram 1500 won't shift from first even if you manually put it into drive at the transmission could it be the bands?
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What would cause a 1995 Cadillac sedan deville to not go into reverse or drive pick up?

The DeVille could have low transmission. Or the internal transmission bands or valves could have failed. The transmission will most likely need a rebuild.

Why dont the automatic trans not start off in low when in drive have to manually put the gear shift in low to start off?

This problem could be the linkage in the transmission. The transmission could also be going out and would need replaced.

1999 Oldsmobile intrigue transmission drive and 3 not working unless driving and manually shifting?

my drive and 3rd not working what is causing this promblem is their a a promblem with the transmission

1994 ford explorer the transmission is going out 2 wheel drive if you got a 4 wheel drive transmission could you take the tail end of the 2 wheel drive and put it on the 4 wheel drive transmission?

The transmission is the same.

Your truck reverse and turns on but it will not drive what could it be?

The transmission

How does a 4l60e downshift?

A 4l60e transmission uses a series of bands and hydraulic pressure to downshift. This changes the gearing ratio inside of the transmission which is then output to the drive shaft and wheels.

Why does transmission hesitate before engaging into drive on a 1996 ford explorer Eddie Bauer 4.0?

Its either in need of transmission fluid a fluid change or the bands are strechted

Is your automatic transmission dead if you can only drive it manually?

There is a problem with the valve body in the automatic transmission. It may stay like that, or it may get worse - no accurate prediction can be done without pulling the transmission apart to see what the cause is.

Will you need a new transmission 1988 grand prix car pulls in 1st and 2nd but not in reverse or drive but will go throw gears when shifted manually could this be something simple to fix?

The transmission will need to be replaced and it isn't any fun i just did the same thang my self

Why does your transmission slip after you drive about a mile 93 300zx auto?

When a auto trans is cold the clutch bands hold better but after they get hot they slip. Find a transmission shop asap.

Your car will not go forward in drive It will go in reverse it will drive in the low gears but it will not go forward in drive It just jerks What do you think it is?

this is a typical problem with berettas, for some reason the bands in the transmission will not hold out after several miles are on the car, have the bands tightened or replaced, and you wont have any more problems

What is cause of noise when I shift car is shifted from reverse to drive or accelerate?

Could be a universal joint. If front wheel drive, it could be the constant velocity joint. I am assuming you have an automatic transmission. If it is a standard transmission, it could be the throwout bearing.

What if your 1995 ford f150 w5.0l won't shift into second unless you do it manually then when you try to shift into drive it downshifts and its full of fluid and its a fresh rebuild what could the pro?

you have problems with your overdrive, or it may be a sensor on your transmission. I would recommend a simple transmission fluid change along with your transmission oil filter (it might be clogged) and a lot of times it fixes your sudden changes in gears.

Transmission fluid up but car wont move?

If the transmission has electronic controls, then a module could be bad. If not, then the transmission could need a rebuild. If it is a front wheel drive, check the cv joints for damage.

Loud noise when shifting from park to drive?

If there is a loud noise when shifting from park into drive, it may be a transmission problem. One should shift slowly, as the transmission could disengage itself.

Your 98 escorts transmission will not go in rev or drive what could it be what cause that to do that?

hello have you checked the transmission fluid? is it full? good luck

Can you manually set whether a Honda CR-V operates in four wheel drive?

There MIGHT be such a way by performing a modification to the transmission, but there is no driver controllable method of doing this.

Is the drive shaft part of the transmission?

The drive shaft is part of the drive train, not part of the transmission.

Why does your transmission only engages in reverse and not drive?

There are several reason why this could be happening. There could be a linkage broke, a bad pump or just a bad transmission in general. Most likely the pump is bad or the transmission is bad.

What is the role of drive shaft in vehicle?

Transfer power from the transmission to the drive axleTransfer power from the transmission to the drive axle

In cold weather 97 Lumina will not move in drive until put in park and rev the engine Then back in drive it works fine Have flushed transmission Is this major problem?

Check transmission fluid level Could be a bad transmission pump

The drive shaft connects the transmission to the?

The drive shaft connects the transmission to the differential.

What contain the transmission and the final drive gear assembly?

The transmission casing contains the transmission and final drive gear.

Car will not shift out of drive?

Sounds like it could be your shift linkage that hooks up the the transmission.

Is it bad to switch from neutral to drive while the car is in motion?

Yes; it could damage the transmission.