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2007-11-12 07:08:43
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Why would my 2004 Chevy CD player stop working The radio works but the CD will not eject or play.?

Read the car manual, in the page were it shows the dashboard fuse panel find the radio fuse pull it out and put it back in with the fuse tool. This resets your radio, it did the trick for me with. Good luck AA My email is I Got my TB's CD player to work after I unpluged the battery then pluged it back it...try it it works

How play radio through your computer?

Use Window's media player as this can play radio stations.

Why 2002 mustang 6 disk CD player want play or eject?

i dont know you prick

Ford escape CD player wont eject or play reads CD error?

There may be something wrong with the CD player. It is a good idea to get it checked out or the purchase a new player.

Can an audio compact disc damage a DVD player?

Highly improbable. Worst come to worst, it wouldn't play it and you would have to eject the cd.

How do you remove a CD stuck in the CD player in a 2004 Saturn Ion?

Dude i have the same exact problem i put my CD in and nothing will eject or play

What to do with 6 disk CD player stuck in mazda tribute?

the cd is stuck in a 2002 mazda tribute how do I get it out the eject button does nothing and the cd will not play

How do you use the radio with CD player on a 1996 Toyota Camry?

Play the radio normally.To use CD,insert your disc and radio should shut off. If radio does not shut off,press CD button on the CD player. This is to assume you have factory CD. .....................................

What can I use to record shows on the radio to play later in my car?

standard casset tape will work if you have a tape deck in your car

What does CALL mean when it shows up on the radio on a 2002 Mercury Cougar and doesnt play any music at all?

Call your dealer.

Your 6 disc CD player in your 2001 ford explorer doesn't work it won't load eject or play it just keeps saying CD error?

my exployer has a cd player in the dash plus a 6disk cd player in the consele how do i get it to work

Who are the radio announcers for the Portland Trail Blazers?

Play by play is handled by Brian Wheeler and the analyst is former player Antonio Harvey.

What websites are there where you can play Swedish programmes and news or cartoons?

There is SVT ( for tv-shows and SR ( for radio-shows. They are both public service. Some newspapers are, and

How do you hook up a CD-radio-tuner in a 1997 Mercury Mystique?


What does radio play mean?

Radio play mean you dont act it out you just talk because its on a radio

What radio stations play music from the 60s?

There are many radio stations that play music from the 60s. Examples of radio stations that play music from the 60s includes Live365 Internet Radio and the 60s Radio at TuneIn.

What are radio players?

Typically, a radio player is a medium to play radio applications. Today, radio players is also web-based where you can tune in to online radio stations through the Internet. By downloading any radio software, like MyRadioWorld, you can able to listen to over thousands of radio stations around the globe.

What other programs can play music besides Windows Media Player?

There are several different programs that can play music besides Windows Media Player. 'I Heart Radio', 'iTunes', 'Pandora' and 'Quick Time Player' can all play music on an Internet capable device.

2000 VW Beetle radio and tape player not working?

My 2000 VW beetle was taken into the shop about a month ago for a new transmission. After 3 weeks, it was finally fixed, but the radio and tape player will not play any music OR sound. I don't believe it's the fuse b/c the radio display will turn on just not play any music or change stations.

What kind of radio allows you to play any radiostation in the US?

Any AM radio you can buy in the US will play every AM radio station in the US, and any FM radio you can buy in the US will play every FM radio station in the US. You just have to be close enough to the station you want it to play.

Does the radio on the ipod nano play am radio stations?

No they do not

Remove a CD stuck in intercom 6 CD changer will not eject or play?

For starts, there are narrow trim pieces on each side of the radio that pop off. This reveals holes in which you can insert a DIN tool that can be purchased at Autozone for $5. Presumably, you insert the tool to release clips and pull out the radio. Very tricky. Good luck.

What role did the radio play American homes during the Depression?

Radio was a form of entertainment that was cheap enough ($10) so that most people could afford one. Radio not only carried music into the home, but news, FDR's Fireside Chats, and drama and comedy shows.

What type of disks do radios play?

A radio doesn't play any sort of disk per say, a radio only tunes in to AM or FM frequencies from a broadcasting station and plays what the station plays, now most radio devices such as in cars and home entertainment are automatically bundled with a CD player

When was Radio Play - song - created?

Radio Play - song - was created in 1969.