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You will probably not be able to find someone to finance you for this. You may find a high interest loan broker to lend you money in the short term or a collateral type of loan.

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Q: Your Ch 7 bankruptcy was discharged 10 weeks ago and you have a large balloon payment due on your equity in less than a year and are unable to pay the balloon payment can we get financing for this?
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Do you still have to pay for student loans when you file a bankruptcy?

Yes, student loans can not be discharged in bankruptcy. You can consolidate your loans and get a smaller payment.

Which of the following financing options will take the longest amount of time to pay off the mortgageA.Balloon mortgage with balloon payment paid in fullB.Balloon mortgage with balloon payment refinanced at lower rateC.30 year fixed mortgage D.7/1 ARM?

B. balloon mort with balloon payment refinanced at lower rate

Is a balloon payment calculator really a balloon?

A balloon payment calculator is not actually in the shape of a balloon. It is used to calculate a balloon payment; it is called a balloon payment because of its size.

Can you explain what a balloon payment calculator is?

A Balloon Payment is a large payment due at the end of a mortgage or loan period. Therefore, a Balloon Payment Calculator will help you to predict what you will owe on your Balloon Payment.

Balloon payment you have a balloon mortgage payment and you lost your job how can you get help?

I have a balloon mortgage payment and i lost my job how can i get help

Can you repay a relative after bankruptcy even if the indebtedness to them was discharged?

You can voluntarily repay any creditor whose debt was discharged. Do not enter into a payment plan, or make regular payments, or you may reinstate the debt.Bankruptcy only prevents the creditor from taking any action to collect the debt. It does not prevent you from paying.

The accounts that you discharged in bankruptcy should no longer show on your credit report after 1 year?

The accounts can remain up to seven years after the last payment was made, but will show a zero balance due to a bankruptcy filing.

What is a balloon payment?

A balloon payment is a large, lump sum payment made either at specific intervals, or more commonly, at the end of a long-term balloon loan

If the mortgage was reaffirmed but on your credit report it appears as Bankruptcy is this an error?

Yes, a reaffirmed mortgage needs to reflect the mortgage payment history before, during and after the bankruptcy proceedings. "In Bankruptcy" needs to portray only DISCHARGED BY or INCLUDED IN...Bankruptcy. Contact your mortgage company so that all of your payment history shows on all three bureaus. No. Not if it were a part of the bankruptcy filing. It may or may not be marked included in bankruptcy or reaffirmed in bankrutpcy. It will still remain on the CR for the prescribed time.

If you filed bankruptcy signed a reaffirmation agreement but the court discharged that agreement and you're currently up to date on the car payment will they come and take the car or can you continue?

If you signed a reaffirmation agreement in bankruptcy, but the court discharged that agreement, the lender will come to take the car. This will occur even if you're currently up to date.

Is it possible to get financing to purchase a house and a car after filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy for the second time?

You need your Bankruptcy Chapter 7 to be discharged first before getting a loan to buy a house. Most lenders require two to four years of re-established credit before they will consider making you a loan. However, many lending sources are competing today to make loans to borrowers with less-than-perfect credit even if you have had your Chpter 7 discharged less than two years ago. You may need to put down a sizable down payment,and have sufficient income to qualify howevevr. there are some mortgage lenders that will allow one day out of bankruptcy with 100% financing

Will bankruptcy payment be lowered when house payment is out of default?

Yes. in support with your bankruptcy lawyers experts.

Can a creditor file an adversarial claim in bankruptcy court in a personal 7 bankruptcy for something that they contend occurred during a business bankruptcy 2 years previous. No claim was filed then.?

No, a creditor is required to file a claim if seeking payment, otherwise that claim is considered waived. So in this case. if there was no claim, then it was waived and the debt discharged. But even if it was filed, it would have been discharged in the business BK.

How will filing for divorce affect a Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

i believe that Bankruptcy planning should be done before the final divorce decree is obtained. This way your required payment of joint debts may be discharged without violating a court order.

Can you keep your house if bankruptcy is dismissed for non-payment?

That decision is made by the lender not the bankruptcy court.

How long after your bankruptcy has been discharged can you purchase a home?

my brother filed then got married she has good credit but no job. they bought one a year after he filed but had to have a large down payment.

If you have been been discharged of All Debt without payment can a bank foreclose on your home?

If the home was part of the bankruptcy - possibly. It all depends on what the wording of the mortgage agreement may be.

I filed bankruptcy under Chapter 13. Student loans were discharged under hardship. Do I still have to pay them?

Chapter 13 is "reorganization" plan for payment. Student loans were within the plan for payment? or were they discharged within another bankruptcy? normally student loans are not dischargable, (11 U.S.C. sec. 523(a)(8) bankruptcy:) there are two exceptions: 1: loans are not from any governmental agency unit or non profit 2: paying the loan will impose an undue hardship to dependents.

What is Balloon Payment Calculator?

The Balloon Payment Calculator is a very fast and flexible loan calculator which also handles balloon payments.

How does a balloon payment calculator work?

The balloon payment calculator takes into account your balloon payments, or your large usually last payment of your loan, and meshes it with your current loan and additional payments.

Information about Balloon Payment Calculator?

there are many sites where you can read useful information about balloon payment calculator

How would a balloon payment effect interest on a loan?

how would a balloon payment effect interest on a loan

If you file bankruptcy does that mean that the payment history on your accounts is not supposed to show anymore?

This would be the best case scenario for your credit report, but it does not happen automatically. Hopefully, your bankruptcy attorney was diligent about informing all creditors included that their debts were discharged. If not, and you still have derogatory information showing that was included and discharged in a bankruptcy; then you need to send letters of dispute to the creditors and the credit bureaus. Follow up to make certain that nothing shows on your credit report except for the legal entry of bankruptcy, its disposition (the discharge) and all trade lines have no negative information except for the "included in..." or "discharged through..." notation.

Can a debt collector demand payment for an amount that has been included in a chapter thirteen bankruptcy?

If bankruptcy is over and the debt was discharged, they creditor is forever barred from taking any action to collect the debt. If the bankruptcy is still pending, the debtor cannot contact you without permission from the bankruptcy court. In either case, you may have a claim for damages against the debt collector.

If you filed bankruptcy and it was final and a reaffirmation agreement was signed but discharged by the courts you have always been current on your car payment can you keep the car and continue paying?

Long as you put it in your reaffirmation so that it will not be part of your bankruptcy you will be able to keep it. Same thing as with a house. Just as long as it was part of the agreement that it was not included in your bankruptcy then you are o.k.