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If it is a vortec engine, it is probably the lower intake manifold gasket. In most cases you can smell it when the engine is hot.

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Q: Your Chevy blazer was overheating and you put antifreeze in your car 3 days ago and it is all gone Where could the antifreeze be leaking to Its not on the ground?
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How can i check to see where antifreeze is leaking from?

look on the ground and follow it straight up to the engine

How do you know if the freeze plugs are bad on 350 motor?

You will have antifreeze leaking out and dripping on the ground.

You are losing antifreeze cant find leak no drops on ground?

You may have blown a head gasket, check you oil to see if the antifreeze is leaking into there.

Why does your car sound like it is drinking antifreeze and disappear when you put it in but it is not leaking on the ground?

If losing anti freeze but not visible leaking typically means bad head gasket. Antifreeze is leaking into combustion cylinder and therefore evaporating and going out exhaust pipe as steam.

Why can I smell antifreeze in my car?

antifreeze smell inside car means that there is antifreeze leak somewhere. first check for wet spots under car when parked after running.if anti freeze is leaking from engine it will pool on the ground next check to see if heater core is leaking. that is usually the problem. if heater core is leaking, replace it

What is causing the antifreeze to leaking your 1998 Chevy lumina when there are not any spots on the ground?

A small radiator leak can cause antifreeze to leak on your 1998 Chevy Lumina when there are not any spots on the ground. A pinhole in a hose can also cause this.

If antifreeze puddle on ground from under coolant bucket do i need water pump?

It is possible that the antifreeze is coming from a bad water pump. Clean the engine off. Watch it to see where the antifreeze is leaking from, as it could be a hose instead of the pump.

How do you tell if the water pump has gone out in a 2000 ford F150?

Antifreeze or water ( whatever you are using in the engine for cooling), will be leaking out and onto the engine and ground if the small hole in the front isn't plugged with oil or dirt. Otherwise it may go into the engine oil. If the impellar inside has stopped turning, you will notice that the engine will start overheating.

Where would a 1992 ford conversion van be leaking antifreeze from that showed up on the ground behind the passerage side tire?

sounds like it is leaking from either the heater core or the water pump or just the inlet or outlet hose that runs into the heater core.

Do you add antifreeze to an above ground pool?


Clutch fluid leaking on the ground on a 1997 Hyundai?

your slave cylinder is leaking,need to replace.

How do you repair a skimmer that is leaking on the outside of the pool?

That depends on the type of skimmer in ground or above ground and from what material it is made, The water is leaking between gaskets

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