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Your Generation Has It Better Than your Parents?

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2011-09-14 08:51:02

every generation has its struggles and problems

ok, so no ,they don't have to work down the mines at 6 years

old, but does that mean life itself got easier?


rest assured although they do have some things now better off

that their parents and their parents before them didnt have but

there will always be something wrong in any generation because life

and society are not perfect

nor will they ever be.

every generation has something the last generation didnt have,

that's sociological and scientific advancement for you, but would

you have it any other way?

somethings will forever be different but some other things will

forever be the same

and life having its own struggles is one of them

relationships and people are all difficult enough themselves and

finding out who you are and what your worth in this life will

affect every human being and animal alive


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