Your HP laptop works in safe mode?


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Probably a corrupt windows file. Rescue data and re-install windows.

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The following might work: unplug all of your usb ports, restart your computer in safe mode by repeadatly tapping F8 when its booting until you get a screen, choose safe mode and boot up, see if it works then, if it does, boot up normally and it should works, called a "USB RESET" If im not mistaken. Thankyou for your interest

Restart computer in safe mode and then you shouldn't need to know you password then change your password and write it down make it obscure and make sure it's not personal.

If your HP laptop battery no longer works the best place to search for this is either the HP website or if you are looking for a cheaper one another place would be ebay.

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if your laptop has the hp quickweb function then try booting it through that i think that it is the f5 button to launch it when your computer is shut down. let me know if this works. :)

You can get repairs for your HP Laptop by sending your Laptop to HP or by using the Self Repair option. With the self repair option, HP will ship the Replacement Parts to you.

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