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A car what has front disc and rear drum brakes have front brake pads and rear brake shoes.

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Q: Your Mercury has front and rear disc brakes and you need new brake shoes but you thought they only went with brake drums can anyone explain how I can have brake discs and still have brake shoes?
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How do you replace the air brakes on a 2000 Mercury Mountaineer?

The Mercury Mountaineer has hydraulic brakes, not air brakes.

Does a 1991 Mercury Topaz have disk or shoe brakes on the rear?

A 1991 mercury topaz has drum brakes on the rear wheels.

How do you replace the rear brakes and are special tools needed for a 1997 Mercury Villager?

The brakes on the Villager are as straight forward as the brakes on a 1965 Mercury. Only normal brake tools are required.

What kind of rear brakes does a 1999 mercury villager have?

Conventional drum brakes.

Does a 1968 Mercury Meteor Montcalm have disk brakes or drum brakes?

Disc brakes may have been an option but it would normally come stock with drum brakes.

How do you adjust rear brakes on a 1997 mercury tracer?

how to adjust rear brakes on 1997 tracer merc.

How do you explain a car requires brakes in order to stop with law of motion?

try stopping a car without brakes!

Are disk brakes adjustable on the 1996 mercury sable?

Disk brakes by design do not have adjustments - the pads 'float' with the caliper and the piston movement.

Where is wire for brakes on 2002 mercury villager to attach to trailer brakes?

You need to buy an adapter harness. Do not cut into your wiring harness.

What happens when tie rod brakes on Mercury Villager?

You wreck the car !!!!!!!!!

Can anyone explain why there is a rumble sound when you back up; you think it might be the brakes sticking to the rotors but any else have any other suggestions?

The ring gear on the differential might be misaligned.

When tour brakes fails the first thing you should do?

Explain to us what are "tour brakes" -never heard of them.

Where can I find online information about Wagner brakes?

You can find information about Wagner brakes at Here they list all the technology and explain how it works to reduce noise in the Wagner brakes.

How do you change rear brakes on a 1994 mercury tracer?

ur hamster i eated it

Diagram of 1999 Mercury Sable rear brakes?

In the Haynes workshop manual.

How do you adjust rear service brakes on a 2001 Chevy Express Van?

I have a chev g1500 2000. Does anyone no how to ajust the rear brakes?

Does a 1994 Mercury Tracer have disc or drum brakes?

disk It has both.

Is there a rear brake sensor on the brakes of a 1999 mercury cougar 4 cylinder?


What kind of brakes are on 1996 mercury grand marquis gs?

Disc, front and rear.

What kind of rear brakes for a 1997 mercury mountaineer AWD?

Disc brakes ( with small brake shoes in the back of the rotors for your parking / emergency brake )

What kind of brakes are on a 1998 mercury sable ls?

My 98 LS has 4 wheel disc brakes. I would not be surprised though if some have drum type brakes in the back - maybe dependent on which motor the vehicle has.

What do you need to do to a Ford Festiva to put a turbo on it?

are you serious? upgrade brakes swap mercury capri xr2 turbo drivetrain upgrade brakes upgrade brakes

What kind of brakes does a 1994 Mercury Tracer have drum of disc?

front disc, rear drum.

You just got a 1989 Dodge shadow and anytime you press on the brakes your highbeams come on Does anyone know how to fix this?

Someone crossed some wires... It can be fixed but its one of those things that's easier to show then it would be to explain

How do you replace front disc brakes of a 1996 Mercury Villager?

It would be to your advantage to take your car to a Brake Repair Shop if you have to ask that question brakes are not something you should do if you do not have the skill, WBMS