Your New apartment is falling apart?

Do you own this apartment? Do you rent ?

If you own, talk to the agent and/or the seller or the bank holding the mortgage. This would be determined by where you are and the laws governing purchase of property.

If you rent, talk to your landlord about the problems? If you already have, there may be a renters or tenants' agency where you live can help you. If you don't have a lease, there should be a legal time frame that you can notify your landlord that you are moving. Use that time frame to find a better place. Most places have laws governing tenants rights.

Whichever is the case. Document (keep a journal) of your efforts including date, time, and what you did, even if it was only to leave a message. This is the kind of evidence that will assist you if you have to go to court or even having this information may get the action you need before any legal action is taken.