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What should you name an answer file if you plan to initiate a windows xp professional unattended installation from the windows professional CD?


What should you name an answer file if you plan to initiate a windows xp professional unattended installation from the windows xp professional CD?


Should windows 7 professional be up graded to Windows 10?

It depends on your needs and your opinion. If you feel fine with Windows 7, don't upgrade. If you want to explore, you can upgrade to Windows 10.

What should you not do during a hostage rescue attempt?

Try to assist hostage rescue team

Can windows meeting place be used with another version of windows ie windows professional?

== == I am not to sure, but it should be as long it is the same version or a newer version. IT MAY NOT WORK with older versions.

How to put out the Trojans from the computer?

To delete a Trojan, you should try to buy a good anit-virus program like Norton Antivirus, Windows Live Onecare, etc. Then, just run a scan. The scanner will ask if you want to delete the Trojan, and you should click accept. Done.

What type of computer should be used in an organization of 2000 employees?

I would recommend a Windows computer, not a Mac. This is because most people prefer Windows. Secondly, if you use Windows XP, use Professional. If Windows 7, use Professional. Windows 7 would be the best choice. Also, use Intel processors since they are surprisingly fast.

Why my power windows and sunroof wont work in my range rover 4.6 HSE 2000?

The computer chip that controls your windows may not be working. You should have a professional diagnose your windows to determine the actual problem.

Where can someone get a new Windows XP professional product key?

The use of the Windows XP professional product key is at Microsoft site online. If you seek unique product key you should get product either buy or with no cost option on site.

What is better windows 7 ultimate or windows 7 enterprise?

Unless you plan on buying a lot of Windows 7 liscences, you should get Home Premium, Professional or Ultimate. Windows 7 Enterprise is the same as Windows 7 Ultimate, except it is meant for those who buy in bulk.

When should you configure driver signing in Windows XP Professional?

Before you install new hardware Before you update drivers

What version of Windows XP supports Core i3-based machines?

All editions of Windows XP except Windows XP 64-bit Edition (not to be confused with Windows XP Professional x64 Edition) are compatible with the Core i3 processor. For the best performance and full support, you should have Service Pack 3 installed, or Service Pack 2 on Windows XP Professional x64 Edition.

What should you name a udf if you save it on a floppy disk for use in an unattended installation of windows xp professional?

$unique$.udf, udf.sif

Your friend had Windows 7 professional on and then he got Windows 7 ultimate he updated it from professional and you were wonderingif the product key for professional is good?

It should be, even if you buy upgrade you can still use previous version. The only thins is if the upgrade had its own key. If it has one, then you can use Professional without any problem. If it does not have its own key, then you cannot use it in the same time even on different PCs.

What files or folders should you choose to compress to free disk space on a Windows XP Professional computer?

The graphic.bmp file The Backup folder

My PC was infected Trojan horse clickerEVT after you upgrade your free avg how you can remove it and what Trojan horse normally does oma206hotmailcom?

You should Google clickerEVT and removal. Lots of times there's specific procedures or software to tackle specific trojans. Hope that helps. AVG in my opinion is great software, (I use it - on the rare occasion I run Windows.) But I don't think it has good (if any) Trojan removal tools.

How are exe files which were damaged by a Trojan or virus repaired?

A Trojan or virus often adds programming to an exe file which changes the way Windows works when it tries to use the file. Instead of using the proper file, Windows is directed to the Trojan or virus and does what that files orders it to do. After a virus or Trojan is removed by an antivirus application, the damaged exe files will probably have to be replaced. For Excel and Word, for example, reinstall Microsoft Office. The files created by Excel or Word should then work properly again. It is always best to update your antivirus applications. Don't visit sites you don't trust. Join the Web of Trust, which will help you avoid virus and Trojan infected sites. WOT:

Can you upgrade from Windows 7 Professional to Windows 7 Ultimate?

I believe if you right click on your My Computer Icon, on your desktop, then click on properties, somewhere close to the top it should say "Get more features with a New edition of Windows 7" the text should be blue.. click on it and then you can either buy an upgrade or enter in an upgrade CD key.

What is the next version of Windows going to be called?

The next version of Windows should be be called Windows 8, as announced by Microsoft at the 2009 Professional Developers Conference. It is scheduled to be released in 2012, with beta-release in July 2011. Windows 7 was just released, and Microsoft hasn't announced the next iteration of Windows yet, so no one knows.

What are the release dates for What Should You Do - 2003 A Bus Gets Taken Hostage 2-2?

What Should You Do - 2003 A Bus Gets Taken Hostage 2-2 was released on: USA: 25 June 2004

Windows xp professional service pack 2 free download?

The Microsoft website should have that in the downloads page. Usually, windows updater will automatically download and ask you to install it. Go to to make sure you have Windows Updater and to look foor it in the updates section. ~dandre

How does Trojan horse get on your computer?

Trojan horses are harmful programs that are unknowingly downloaded by the user. To prevent trojan horses, you should read reviews of software on a site other than the site you download it from.

How can you fix registry errors in Windows XP?

Registry problems should be handled manually with caution. Preferable by a professional. However there are several softwares out there for auto-cleans.

What account should you log on with to configure settings on a windows xp professional reference computer before using it to deploy an image to target computers?

Any account

Which windows should be installed first Windows 200 or Windows XP?

Start with windows 2000 then windows xp.