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Your Turn signal on your 98 sebring stop working you have changed the fuse and it still does not work how do you fix?

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Check the bulb and the flasher. Check the bulb and the flasher.

2008-04-20 01:05:09
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Why isn't your 2004 Chevy van left signal not working changed bulb still not working?

i have a 1990 Chevy van cargo left hand turn blinker not working (rear) all other lights work change out bulb still not working

In your 1999 Chrysler cirrus the signals don't work but you changed the fuses the turn signal switch and the flasher and still it doesn't work?

yes i changed all of that but it still is not working so im wondering what else could be causing this

Right turn signal not working for 92 Chevy lumina?

A turn signal not working on a 92 Chevy Lumina may be out because of a burnt out bulb. If you replace the bulb and it is still not working, the turn signal switch may need to be replaced. You can get the switch replaced by a mechanic.

How do you fix 1998 trans am right signal when the light bulb are still working?

change the flasher

1993 Bonneville changed fuses but turn signals still do not work?

Might be turn signal flasher

How do you charge a 3DS when you changed the battery and have the right charger still not working?


Headlights not working on Jeep Cherokee?

I own a 2005 jeep Cherokee my headlights on the passenger side is not working changed the bulbs & they are still not working.

Just replaced multifunction switch in 1998 Lincoln navigator because turn signals were not working Turn signal still not working What is the problem?

Did you happen to check the turn signal flasher before you installed the switch?

1998 Ford Contour blinkers have stopped working changed flasher still not working what is the next step?

check your fuses

If i changed the 40 amp fuse when i plug in my 2000 cummins it still is not working What else could the problem be?

What is the 40 fuse for & what is not working.

98 Tahoe no brake lights changed the brake switch still no brake lights and now the hazered lights not working at a lost on what to do?

If the fuses and bulbs are okay I would blame the signal switch assembly. They call it a multi-function switch these days.

Blower not working properly on your mondeo changed motor still not working right?

Chack the speed control switch and the resistor that controls the speed of the motor

Changed 3 freeze plugs on a 1998 Sebring all were leaking still have slight leak somewhere Any suggestions?

Pressure test the cooling system to track the source of the leak.

Why has Shayne Wards new album release been changed from July to December?

Because he is still working on it.

What was the last year of manufacture of Sebring convertibles?

The Sebring model car was first developed by Maserati, related or unrelated, afterwards Chrysler started making it. The Maserati Sebring convertable's last year was 1969, the Chrysler Sebring convertable is still in production today.

Were Jay Sebring and Sharon Tate Married?

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Does Chrysler still make the Sebring convertible?

Yes, Chrysler still makes the Sebring convertible. You can see the 2010 model by visiting this website: Yes, Chrysler even just came out with a 2010 Sebring convertible. You can read about this new car as well as the Sebring in general at

You changed the Flasher fuse and the kick plate flasher fuse is fine in a 97 Cherokee why do left turn signal interior display and brake lights still malfunction?

It could be the turn signal switch in the steering column.

What makes signal light stop working when the fuse still works?

Its called a Combo Relay, operates Both when fuse is still good. 9.00-35 Smackaroos. Good Luck.

Why is the right signal blinking really fast and working in front but not on rearI changed the bulb and checked the fuse but still won't work?

Make sure you are installing a good bulb. They can be bad right out of the box. Look for corrosion in the rear connector that is not working. Check all the wiring at the rear receptacle. See if there is actually 12V at that rear socket by checking with a voltmeter. .

Your power windows and moon roof were working fine yesterday not working now changed fuse still not working what should you try next for a 1999 ford explorer Eddie Bauer?

What is the atmosphere/environment of this occupation? (Outdoors, indoors, working with people, working alone, etc.)

How long will a motor on 97 sebring with 159000 miles last?

i have 163,000 on my 97 Sebring and it is still running strong except the alternator just went out. Then it will be a champ again!!!

I changed every bulb on my 93 deville and the turn signals are still working slowly or not at all is there a relay going bad I changed the fuse also and no help?

There is a relay under the steering wheel

Why did my ac stop working the clutch still engages the fan blows hot found no leaks?

The compressor needs to be changed. There is no more pressure in it. It keeps working but only hot air is comes out.

Why are your 1997 Chevy blazer brakes not working while the upper roof tail light still works?

Usually this a faulty signal light switch. The Signal light switch disconects the brake light on the signaling side and makes it flash.