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She expired others to listen to her beautiful music.

Pakistan. several commercial entities have already been privatised & few others are in the pipeline.

Some states require you to turn it in, others have no such requirement. Either way - you cannot legally drive on an expired tag regardless.

Pythagoras (after whom it is named) lives from 570 to 495 B.C.; it's possible that others already knew the theorem before him.

Some dairies take the expired or soon-to-be expired milk back, separate it from the packaging and sell it to pig farmers. Others just pour it down the drain.

There is no real possible answer as everyone has their own opinion. Some people think Canada is the best, others the US, and others Mexico, Panama, Cuba, even a small island country like Trinidad and Tobago. There just isn't a real answer.

Follow the road laws of the country that you are in. In some countries the traffic already in the circle has priority. In others, traffic entering the circle has priority. Very clearly a recipe for disaster if you forget which country with which rules you are in!

This is an international website. If you resubmit this question, please include a country / state / province (and use a spell checker) so that others can know exactly what you're asking and can provide accurate information.

The phrase "another factor" in the question implies that you are already aware of one or more factors but you have chosen not to share that information. In the circumstances it is not possible to answer the question since we cannot differentiate between factors which you are already aware of and others.

It's not possible for a whole country to be located all at the same latitude/longitude. That point, along with a huge number of others at different coordinates, is in Zambia.

Some things are others are not.

It depends on what country you are talking about. In Europe, many Jews had already been arrested and put in concentration camps by 1940. Others lived in ghettos or in hiding.

I Just did search in Forum and one of them is Tink. The others expired .... I don't even know where they look =/ Gosshh =P

The word that could be used to denote eating food that has already been tasted by others would be taste-tested. This means that someone else has tried it already, and that it has been approved.?æ

Some theories suggest it may be possible, others deny it.

pakistan is a islamic country united Arab Emarites Afghanistan and so many others

Not stupidity, because if you're licking the ground in a public place, you've already got that. Just about anything else is possible, though some things are more likely than others.

Donate. Share also possible.

You cannot preserve something that is already extinct!

Yes, it is possible, but do not be surprised if she miscarries the others.

Britian And many others.

A woman's average height varies from country to country. there are others who are 5 feet 9 inches and others 5 feet 4 inches.

A country that relies on its own powers rather than those of others

It differs from country to country, but generally the 24th, 25th and 26th of December are reserved as holidays. Some already celebrate by giving gifts and eating together on the eve of 24th (e.g. Finland, Sweden) while others only do this on the 25th (e.g. USA)...

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