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check to see if you have enough low side freon pressure and/or if the low pressure switch is working. bypass switch by crossing the wires of the switch with a paperclip to apply trigger voltage to the coil on the compressor,also check to see if there is voltage going to the low pressure switch,if these measures don't work,disconnect the high pressure switch to see if that switch is stuck and shutting off power thru the relay.

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Q: Your air conditioning compressor on a 1996 Lincoln town car wont cut in but the clutch turns freely by hand?
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How is the compressor clutch engaged on the air con system?

When not engaged, the wheel spins freely. When the low pressure switch closes, it closes the electrical circuit to the compressor clutch. This actuates an electromagnet, which pulls the clutch in to engage it.

How do you fix an air condiosoner pump because it does not spin or work?

Do you mean that the AC clutch does not engage the compressor? Or do you mean that the AC compressor won't turn even if the clutch is engaged? If the compressor is siezed and will not turn even if the clutch is engaged, the only choice is to replace the compressor. If you can turn the compressor by hand (understand that the belt pulley will turn freely with the engine if the clutch isn't engaged) but the compressor clutch isn't engaging, it might just be out of refrigerant. There is a sensor, usually somewhere near the receiver/dryer) that detects the "low side" refrigerant pressure. Once the refrigerant pressure at the sensor drops below a specified level, the compressor will not turn on. In other words, if the compressor clutch won't engage it might just be out of refrigerant.

Should the air conditioning pulley on a 1998 Dodge Grand Caravan 3.0l turn freely by hand?

Yes they freewheel until clutch engaged (air on)

Can you bypass the air compressor pulley on 2003 ford f 150 4.6 L?

You mean the air conditioning compressor? It can be done, but you'll need to find a belt which will work for that application... it's a bit of a crap shoot, and I suggest you find some F150 forums to find out which belt you can do this with and how to route it, although there really is no need to bypass it.. as long as you have the AC turned off, the compressor clutch won't engage, and the pulley will spin freely.

Does the pulley on the ac compressor turn freely?

IT should turn freely when the a/c is not turned on.

Will a bad air compressor stop a 1993 Cadillac Sedan Deville 4.9 liter from starting?

If the clutch on the ac compressor is not turning freely then the drive belt will either slip or not allow the engine to turn over. But most likely, the belt will slip and the engine will still turn over.

How can you tell if your dodge Dakota fan clutch is bad?

When can turn the fan freely with no resistense

What is wrong with my 93 eclipse my manual trans shifts freely with clutch in or out engine revs but car wont move.?

Sounds like the clutch disc is destroyed.

Who believed that states had freely created and joined the union and could freely leave it?

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1997 Cherokee when ac is turned on the volts drop and belt squeels it has a new alternator water pump and belt?

First, check the status of the AC compressor. Make sure you can turn it by hand while the clutch is disengaged and the engine is off. You should turn it several turns, just to make sure it's free. If the AC compressor isn't turning freely it's most likely faulty. If it does turn freely, check the belt tensioner to make sure it has enough tension to keep the belts from slipping.

How do you tell if a 2000 dodge durango fan clutch is working properly?

You simply see if it spins freely. If it does, the clutch fan is shot! Do this while motor is turned off The fan should spin freely if the engine is cold. If the engine is warmed up, shut down the engine and check the fan. Warm, the fan should turn, but should have some drag to it.

What could cause a 1991 Lincoln Town Car to stop running when you turn on the AC?

A dirty or defective idle air control valve (IAC). When you initialize the a/c, it sends a signal over to the Power Control Module(PCM)(Computer) and it energizes both the a/c clutch, and the IAC to raise the idle. If not, then the compressor is bad. The IAC valve(MOTOR)just needs 2 b cleaned (after it's off) with a Good Carberator cleaner-clean it until the cleaner runs clear & the pintel valve -inside-moves freely.

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