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I just came in from the cold, fixing the same problem you are talking about (P0113). My 3.4L V6 01 Alero was hard shifting with the Service Engine light on. The Diagnostic Trouble Code was P0113: Intake Air Temperature Circut, High Input. The Trouble Code P1111 is a similar problem: Intake Air Temperature sensor circut intermittent high voltage. Hoping for the easy fix I bought and installed a new IAT sensor (AKA: Air Charge Sensor) at AutoZone for $13.99, but it didn't help anything.

The problem was the wiring leading to the sensor had broken. The IAT sensor shares the same 5V reference voltage with the Coolant Sensor and the Throttle Position Sensor. When the wire broke at the IAT Sensor, the TPS signal got messed up telling the computer to up the transmission pressure to "protect" the transmission. (Even though it felt like it was destroying the transmission shifting that hard)

The solution to the problem was to order a new IAT Sensor connector pigtail, GM Part #12102620/ AC Delco Part #PT307/ PICO Part #5616. I found mine at for under $8.00 after shipping. Stagger your cuts on the pigtail wires, heat shrink both butt connectors, and re-apply some electrical tape and you'll be back to smooth shifting in no-time!

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Q: Your alero 2001 shifting hard check engine light on has a trouble code p1111 po 113 HOW CAN I FIT?
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