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Connect positive to positive post (red) on the battery and connect the negative to a place on the engine away from the battery.

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Where to connect negative clamp when charging battery?

Negative battery or jump start post.

If you start at the negative end of the battery what will happen to the electrons when a closed circuit turn on a light?

When you start at the negative end of the battery, you start to lose electrons and the circuit is closed.

How do you jump start a Pontiac Montana?

Jump starting a Pontiac include jumper cables and another vehicle with a battery. A person will need to put jumper cables on each car battery to jump start it.

Why won't a 95 Pontiac transport won't start?

There are many reasons why a car won't start. Some of these reasons could be the lack of fuel, drained battery, bad starter, bad alternator or bad starter solenoid.

Why wont my 2001 Pontiac am start?

try replacing your battery maybe turn the key?

How do you jump start two 12 batteries?

To jump start an engine via the battery; the remote battery and the host battery, being of the same voltage, should be connected in parallel. That is positive terminal to positive terminal, negative to negative.

Your 1990 Acura Integra will not start?

Check your negative cable to the battery.

1999 Pontiac Montana won't start with new battery?

you will need to call a pontiac dealer and get an activation code, because of the anti-theift system.

How do you demonstrate the correct procedure for jumping to start battery?

Connect positive cable of donor battery to battery of car being jumped. Then connect negative cable to negative battery post on the donor car and lastly to a ground point on the car needing the jump start, normally the engine. Do not connect to negative post of battery needing a jump start. Let donor car run for about 5 minutes and then attempt to start. The instant the engine starts reverse the procedure to disconnect the jumper cables.

What is wrong with your 1995 Pontiac Transport it will not start but has a new starter and battery?

well if you have a fuel cut off swith you might want to see if it has been triped if so find it push the button and try to start it also have fuse that can make it not start up chek them and try again it might be the problem

Can a 350 vortex motor start if ground is not connected to the battery?

Engine ground can find many paths to the battery, but if NOTHING is connected to the negative post... no, it won't start.

What car parts that start with n?

Neutral safety switch and negative battery terminal

How can you jump start a 2006 Honda Shadow?

Connect the plus poles first, using the red cable. Then connect the negative terminal of the good battery to the negative terminal on the bad battery. Don't leave the bike switched on but start immediately.

Should I use the negative or positive cable to jump start the starter?

You don't, you connect to the battery from the battery of another car. Use the positive cable to connect the two positive electrodes and the negative to connect the two negative electrodes.

Can you jump start a Ford Focus to focus?

sure connect the positive terminal directly to the booster battery and the negative battery terminal to the body

Why does 1997 Pontiac grand prix gtp clicks but will not start?

most likely your battery is dead or you need a new starter.

What are car parts that start with the letter N?

Neutral Safety Switch; Negative Battery Terminal

What are car parts that start with n?

negative battery cable, neutral safety switch, nuts,

Why won't your Pontiac firebird start?

The most common cause for a car not to start, is a battery that needs to be charge. A lack of fuel will also keep your car from starting.

Why will the car not start or the headlights not come on when the battery is full charged?

Corroded battery cables. Remove the battery cables, negative first, and clean the cable connections and the battery posts. If that does not help the battery needs charging or is defective.

What do you do if the engine clicks but does not start when you turn the key on your 1995 Pontiac Bonneville?

the most likely cause is a flat battery and or dirty battery terminals check all electrical connections from battery to starter (hope this helps)

How do you change a fuel filter on 95 Pontiac transport 3.1L?

The fuel filter is located outside of the unibody frame rail on the drivers side just back of the drivers door underneath. There are plastic snap clips that can be pried up with a screw driver and the new tabs just snap into place. For safety, disconnect the negative battery terminal before you start and have a collection pail ready.....MT

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