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you got a dead battery. go buy another one

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โˆ™ 2005-11-08 07:19:15
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Q: Your battery light came on and now your car won't start?
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Red battery light on Orange engine sign lit up car wont start?

probably your battery

94 suburban wont start after roll over?

Battery connections came loose. Oil flooded cylinders. Something came loose.

Why won't Ford Transit won't start not turning over?

ford transit wont turn over ignition light and battery light on

The security light came on after you replaced the sterring column what can you do it wont start what should you do?

have a qualified mechanic work on it.

How do you turn off the antitheft light in a 1997 cavalier?

i change the battery put in new one ,know the antitheft light is on and the car wont start

Why wont your Mitsubishi eclipse start after the check engine light came on?

The computer doesn't allow to start the engine. Check the error code.

New battery and car wont start?

you probably have a problem with the battery cables

Your Nissan Xterra wont start Replaced the battery but still wont start?

Make sure connections are on tight.

Why wont your 1997 Aurora start?

How to install a battery?

Your 2001 ford ranger xlt wont start doesn't have the dummy lights on the dash why wont it come on no power to the windows?

Does your underhood light come on when you open the hood ? If not , it sounds like a dead battery or poor cable connection to the battery

Why wont your arctic cat ATV start?

articat atv366 wont start makes a cliking noise has good battery

Why wont the Battery light come on after installing a new battery?

check battery cables are connected correctly, and there not crimped under the battery.

What happens if you crank 91 old with alt unepluged?

it should still start but the battery light will come on. and the battery will drain preety fast but nothing a jump star wont fix.

Why Polo playa 1.6 wont start?

my polo playa struggles to start, battery light goes on , ignition works but still nothing . Think it could be the fuel pump

Why wont my 99 Ford Contour start if battery and alternator test fine but battery light comes on and EVERY light in the car slowly dies down followed by car turning off?

If alternator and battery test fine- then you may have a bad fusable link not allowing the alternator to charge the battery

Why wont my 1989 Buick Riviera start?

Check you battery

1992 Buick road master after you put a new battery it crank but wont start what is the problem?

1992 buick road master after you put a new battery it crank but wont start what is the problem

Dodge caravan 2000 wont start drove to the store came out did not want to start what is wrong?

Dead battery, out of fuel, failed starter, failed computer, failed fuel pump, etc.

What if your car wont start replaced the battery lights came on even started but went dead by next morning what could this be?

something is draining the battery. a new battery will last a couple days if just starting the car. even if your alternator is bad.

Mazda Mpv wont start but makes a click sound?

battery is low. get a boost or charge the battery.

Battery went dead on your del sol jumped it but now it wont start?

You need a new battery.

Why wont your 2004 Chrysler sebring start up after you replace the battery?

Because you didn't charge the battery.

Your 1967 firebird wont start you just replaced a bad battery before you did so you could start it right up with jumping it now with a new battery it wont start it tries though?

There could be a bad sylanoid or a bad starter...

Why does your 2001 Envoy needles bounce but wont start?

Weak battery

How do you know when to change your car battery?

Your car wont start. lol