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Your blinker lights on your 1996 Nissan XE truck will not work but your hazzards do whats the problem?

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Check the light control switch mounted on the steering column. The copper or brass switch block is not making contact.

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the headlight switch is bad buy a new one it would fix your problem..

It has been my experience that when the blinker comes on but the lights don't blink there is one or more bulbs burned out. If that is not the case check the flasher.

A simple first step would be to check the fuses to these lights, then go from there.

First of all let me say that most vehichles have 2 flashers, 1 for the hazzard lights and 1 for the blinkers. If you turn the blinker switch to either side and lights inside and out do not flash or light up then the most common problems are a blown fuse or the blinker switch itself could be bad. As for the hazzards blinking double time, it is possible the flasher could be going bad. One other possibility, autos that have had trailor light hookups installed have been found with bad grounds and/or wires that have rubbed into causing tail,blinker and stop lights not to work correctly

Try checking the fuse for the brake lights. If all of your brake lights went out at the same time, this is most likely the problem.

The tail lights are on a separate wiring than the blinker/brake lights. Look for a blown fuse or a broken/loose wire.

The next thing to check is the switch that activates the brake lights. It is probably on the master cylinder.

your problem could be in the switch its self. unfortunetly they are expensive to replace, i had to actually wire a switch direct to the blinker system.

the fuse should be labelled tail lights.(whats the problem with no. plate lights?)

Sounds like you have a short in your wiring harness for your rear lights. As for your dash turn signal light, your dummy light is just acting up. You probably need a new wiring harness for your rear lights.

Problem most likely is in the Turn Signal switch. I had same problem , replaced Turn Signal switch assembly and that fixed it.

the blinker switch shorted out the brake lights... really really common problem, need to replace the switch

rear indcater lights very dim but ok when hazzards are on

whats the color circuit for the blinkers an break lights?

Bad fuseTry replacingIf it continues to blow you will have to check circuit to find problem

The hazard lights get their power from the battery so if the battery is dead they will not work.

i don't know if it is a Ford thing, but my dodge did somewhat the same thing... my blinker would flash very fast on the dash and it turned out that my bulbs were out in the rear (maybe that is the problem and your brake lights are connected). When the bulbs burn out the circuit is shorted.

Press both blinker directions at the same time.

When your 4X4 dash lights blink that is indicating a malfunction - could be just a sensor

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