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Your blinkers won't work or hazard lights they come on occasionally?

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What year is your Impala? 2001

2008-08-27 20:58:15
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Q: Your blinkers won't work or hazard lights they come on occasionally?
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Your hazard lights and your blinkers don't blink but the running lights come on you replaced the flasher under the dash is there another flasher if so where is it located on a 1994 Celica GT?

try a new hazard switch. the power runs through this switch, and sounds as if it is burnt. Good luck.

How do you change a blinker switch on a alero?

It may no be your blinkers. When the blinkers aren't working, gently move (without pushing it so the hazards come on) the hazard light (red) button on the dash above the radio. If the blinkers start to work again, replace the hazard switch

How come your blinkers don't work but the emergency lights do?

Defective flasher relay.

Why do my 2003 ranger blinkers do not blink lights come on but do not blink?

turn signal relay is bad

96 Lincoln continental blinkers don't work at all the blinker light don't turn on in dash but all the other lights work?

wiggle the hazard button if it works you need to replace the turn signal control arm and hazard button they come all in one piece

Does a 1998 Honda shadow have hazard lights?

This bike does not come standard with hazard lights. There are many vendors that sell add on kits that can supply hazard lights. Two of the top web sites are and

Why wont the blinkers work?

If the lights come on but just do not flash, then replace the flasher relay. If they do not come on check the bulb and fuse.

Why do my hazard lights come on by themselves on a 2007 Buick Lucerne?

Probably a faulty hazard light switch.

My blinkers come on but won't flash. I replaced the flasher and still won't blink. Yes I am sure I changed the right one.?

Some vehicles has a flasher relay for the turn signals and another one for the hazard lights. Are you sure you replaced the correct one?

Both turn signals are dead and hazard lights on your 1997 Grand voyager?

If the lights come on but do not flash, replace the flasher relay. If they will not come on check the fuses.

Does the 1990 Chevy Corsica have hazard lights?

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Why do your turn signals and hazard lights come on and off?

because of a flasher switch, located in the fuse panel.

Why do your hazard lights come on with your right turn signal 2003 Suburban?

It could be a faulty ground wire.

My hazard lights have come on and I cant switch them off on my Peugeot 406 diesel estate. I used the car last night and everything was fine. when i got up the hazard lights were flashing.?

check the interior switch for where.

Why do your hazard lights come on when you put your left turn signal on?

A broken part in the steering column or an electrical short in your wiring.

What would cause the hazard lights to come on on their own after the car is turned off?

The light control module could be the cause of hazard lights coming on after the car is turned off. There could be a problem that has caused this module to become wet and it is now not working correctly.

Why would your hazard lights come on while driving your 1992 Buick LeSabre?

bad switch or relay, possible short in wiring

Why do the hazard lights come on in a dodge caravan when the side doors open?

It is a government required safety device. The flashing lights are supposed to warn other vehicles that a passenger is about to exit the vehicle.

Is there a way to flash your taillights without braking and using hazard lights?

If you just barely touch the brake pedal the brake lights will come on but the brakes will for all intent and purpose not be applied.

If blinkers don't work yet hazards fuses and bulbs are fine what then is it due to something in the steering column because the indicators on the dash for the left and right turn signal?

The turn signal and the flasher use separate flashers. If the dash indicaters come on, do the lights come on but not flash? If yes, probably the flasher. Should be near the hazard flasher. If you don't see it, turn the hazards on and listen for the flasher to click.

Why are my back left tail lights and blinkers not functioning in my 1997 Suburban?

under the rear driver tail light. under the the truck.there is a harness for the rear lighting system.try to see if it has come apart.

What is wrong when the hazard and turn signals don't come on in a 2002 Chrysler sebring convertible?

turn signals won't work. changed all the bulbs. Hazard lights work. 1999 Chrysler Sebring hardtop

Why does the front blinkers come on when you step on the breaks on your 1981 ford courier?

If you have the four way flashers on and the flasher is not working this will cause all four lights to come on. If you are sure the four ways are off then the problem is in the signal light switch in the steering column.

What could be the problem if the turn signals do not come on but the hazard and regular lights do?

You probably have a bad turn signal flasher (or relay, as it's called in some cars)

No signal or hazard lights 1999 cougar?

More than likely the Flasher Relay is defective and needs replacement. The Flasher Relay is located on the top of the steering column, on the multifunction switch. It is not easy to find but rest assured it is there. If the lights come on but just do not flash then the flasher relay is the problem. If the lights do not come on at all, check the fuse.