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find out what he likes and talk about it!

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How do you talk to a boy if your shy?

First grab a friend then talk about him after that talk to and pretend he's your best friend

How does a boy know who your real friends are?

A true friend will never try to get you interested in something that will bring harm to you or your family. A true friend will never try to get you to do drugs, drink, smoke, gang activities or any other unlawful acts. A real friend will always do whats in the best interest for you. A real friend is someone you can talk to about just about anything.

How do i talk to a boy?

If i were you i would talk about him to a friend then when you think your ready try to talk to them.

What do you do when your friend is trying to talk to the boy you like?

You can ingore it, or try and talk to him too, and get him to talk more to you than to your friend talking to him.

What should you do when you catch your boy friend wearing lipstick?

have a talk with him. maybe he was curious. maybe he has a double life?. you never know.

Why have you never had a boyfriend?

How do boys view you? Have you ever talked to boys? Talk with your friends and a friend who is a boy to give their opinions to the questions.

How do you get a boy to like you if you are not so popular?

Be his friend and be cool DONT talk about drama, girly stuff, or talk too much guys like girls they feel comfortable around and can talk about anything with

Why my boyfriend never want to do anything together?

Your boyfriend may not want to do anything because he is tired from working or from school. Your boy friend does not want to do anything with you because he does not think you are capable of doing anything.

How do you know if a boy you likes you or your best friend?

Woman's intuition. Actually, talk to the guy or have your friend guy talk to him for you.

When do you know a boy likes you?

when he does anything to talk to you

What should you do if a boy like you and your friend?

talk to your friend work it out girls are girls

How do you get your boy friend to kiss you?

well you should talk to the boy about it and see if he is ready for it

How do you make a boy notice you?

Talk to them, and become their friend

You like this boy but he does not even know you?

Well talk to your friend who knows that boy and ask somethings about them and see if you could go and talk to him with your friend then after awhile he might know you

What do you do when the boy you like asks your friend out but they said no?

Make sure your best friend isn't lying and if she isn't just talk to the boy more talk about things he likes if your friend is lying don't be their friend and try to get your man back

What do you do when your going out with someone but you and him never really talk?

don`t do anything you would normally do with a boy you talk to alot. take things easy don`t go serios. don`t do anything you would normally do with a boy you talk to alot. take things easy don`t go serios.

What do you do if your friend is jealous of your boyfriend?

Just don't talk about your boy friend around that person

What do you do if you like a boy that likes your friend?

talk to your friend about it honey, if she likes him back off

What if a friend tells the boy you like that u like him?

just talk to the boy and chill with him

What are questions a boy will ask girl in a relationship?

just treat her the same as you would your friend just better. talk about anything you normally talk about. The best and longest relationships are couples who are friends and lovers.

What does it mean when you dream about a boy you like but never talked to?

It means you are interested in him but have never had chance to talk to himIf you have never talked to him, TALK TO HIM ASAP

How do you make a boy like you more than a friend?

You can't make a boy like you more than a friend, you can't MAKE a boy do anything.

When a boy says what to talk about what do you talk about?

Whatever comes to mind. Anything to not look dumb

I'm in the 4th grade and you know that this boy likes you but how can you be boy friend and girl friend?

Just talk to him a lot. Talk about subjects you have in common. He'll want to start hanging out with you more. It will be so romantic!! People will start thinking you are boyfriend and girlfriend and your problem will be solved. If he seems like he doesn't want to talk to you then don't talk to him for a while. Then try it again.Bif you want a boy to talk to you at lunch sit across from him at lunch and say hi then if you hear anything that you have in common then talk to him about it then every time at lunch he will talk to you and start a bond

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