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Probably not, but it's always a possibility. If ANY sperm gets in the vagina, you WILL get pregnant

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Is it possible to have implantation bleeding after your period is finished?

My boyfriend and i have been having unprotected sex for a couple of weeks now. My boyfriend tells me that before her cums he pulls out (but still if im pregnant it can be because of pre cum) anyways i had a period and looking back to my period it was strange it wasnt a normal flow. After my period was over five days later i go to the bathroom and after i wipe i see a light brownish color on the toilet paper at first it was like a darkish brown color but as i kept wiping and wiping the amount of bleeding got smaller and smaller this lasted about a day and a half. am i pregnant?

Can you get pregnant from wiping sperm on your vagina with toilet paper?

Why would you want to do this? There is a possibility that you can become pregnant. If some of the spirm enter the vagina then yes you can become prego. :)

Can you get pregnant by wiping your vagina with baby wipe right after sex?

Of course not. There's only one way to get pregnant and if you don't know it then you have no business asking this question.

Can a male get a female pregnant by fingering her?

Possibly, if he just got done masturbating with wiping his load off his hands.

Can a girl get pregnant from wiping semen with a wet soapy towel then washing it then wiping her vagina?

Yes I had a towel with semen from 3 weeks ago and had to get an abortion from doing the exact same thing it even went through the wash.

Can you get pregnant from wiping a wet wash cloth on your privates?

There must be penetration in order for the sperm to make it to the eggs. You will not get pregnant however there is still a chance of STD's. Please get yourself checked out and be careful of anything you put on your skin

Could you be pregnant if you sometimes see red when wiping?

If this is happening around the time you normally get your period, then it could be implantation bleeding, which means you are pregnant. It could also be a very "off" period this month. If you think you are pregnant, you should wait a couple of more days and then take a test.

Can you get pregnant from wiping semen on a dry towel and then using the same towel to wipe yourself off?

No, the sperm in semen would be dead within moments of hiting the towel.

A piece of cloth for wiping your nose?

A piece of cloth used for wiping noses is called a handkerchief.

Can you pass genital warts to your son by wiping his butt?

If by wiping his butt, you mean doing him, then yeah sure.

Is wiping a verb?

Yes, wiping is a verb; the present participle of the verb to wipe. The present participle of a verb is also an adjective and a verbal noun called a gerund. Example uses: Verb: He was wiping up the spilled milk with the elbow his jacket. Adjective: The wiping cloths are in a bucket under the sink. Noun: Wiping is the best way to keep it clean, washing will ruin the finish.

Wiping cloths should be kept?

Any wiping cloths that are not dry must be stored in a sanitizer solution at all times.

Can girl get pregnant if she is on birth control and you touch her with your finger after you wipe off the sperm on the finger?

Birth control stops more than 99% of pregnancies, combined with fingering after wiping off semen. . . I'd say no, she couldn't get pregnant. Of course, there may be a tiny, 0.00000000000000001% chance. . .

Why does your nose turn red when you cry?

I am not exactly sure how, but I am guessing that it is from you touching your face, wiping your eyes; blowing, wiping your nose, etc.

What is the difference between polishing and wiping?

Wiping is generally a one way movement, while polishing is generally a back and forth movement.

Your period is 4 days late and im spotting brownred mostly when wiping could you be pregnant?

You need to go get checked! It could be something else, could be that you are having a miscarriage, but go see a DOCTOR!!!!

Can a girl get pregnant after wiping the sperm off with a towel then stimmutating her vagin with your finger?

Unlikely, but not entirely impossible. great way to get a diseasey vagin which will make you h8 yourself forever then your babies will be covered in fur

Could I be pregnant - due 5 days 6dpo watery pink on tissue 7dpo worm like light brown mucas on wiping 5 dpo thick creamy discharge and you continue to have mucas when wiping feel sick boobs tender?

Yes you could be pregnant. The pink discharge 6-7 dpo may have been implantation bleeding. An increase in mucus, feeling sick, and tender breasts can be signs of early pregnancy, and can also indicate that your period is coming.

Can a woman become pregnant if the semen was in her for a minute and she peed it out?

If a man ejaculate in a woman, no matter how long the sperm stays in, there is a chance of her becoming pregnant. That being said, it is not possible to pee out sperm. The sperm is inside the vagina and as such, going to the bathroom will not flush it out. The same can also be said for douching, wiping, etc.

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