Your boyfriend has a diaper fetish that you do not share what can you do to find a sexual balance?

If you want a serious and sensible answer to this type of question the current best English language resource would be the following site... Check link 1 below

There is a good deal of level headed explanations off a link from the intro page and a whole series of questions of such nature in the Dear Dailydiapers section (though some are undoubtedly a little over the top) but the answers are well thought through and very much worth the read.

Also look at Link 2 below . It's a website devoted solely to explaining and teaching about this fetish. The best thing to do would be to talk to your boyfriend. He may wish that you allow him to indulge or that you participate; whether or not you are willing is up to you. Try to find something, even if it's just regular sex, that you can share.