Addictive Behaviors

Your boyfriend is a sex addict He says his problem is lust Is there a 12 step group he can find help from?


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Its great that he knows he has a problem. Sex addiction is a disease much like alcoholism. The best treatment is a combination of 12 step work, individual counseling, group therapy, good nutrition, exercise and a spiritual program. Statistically if he can add all of these to his life, he has an 85% chance of recovery.

There are several sex addiction 12 step groups. I recommend L.A. or Lustaholics Anonymous. Their web site is It runs much like an AA group. Anyone can do their program regardless of religion, sexual orientation, race, gender, or marital status. They have a great success rate if you can show up and follow the steps.

There are people there with 15 years of sobriety. What is sobriety? Freedom from the obsession to lust. This includes masterbation, voyurism, affairs, infidelity, love addiction.

I would also encourage you to get help for your self. Sex addicts and love addicts and lust addicts do better if their family or significant other also gets involved in recovery. The organization for the family members would be CODA or S-Anon. The web address for S-anon is or also serenitysite.orgh

Good luck. You can have a loving meaningful relationship if both of you are willing to change.