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Personally I've never believed you can remain friends with a ex boyfriend. There was so much going on in the relationship and one or both parties are going to be hurt worse by remaining friends. It's like salt being poured into an open wound if you are friends and have to watch your ex date someone else. It's time to move on. I do believe that things happen in our lives for a reason even though they situations can hurt at the time. In this case this guy isn't for you, but someone special IS waiting out there for you that is right for you. EXAMPLE: I met and married my first boyfriend. I thought the sun rose and set on him and there wasn't much I wouldn't do for him. Because of my youth I was blinded and didn't realize he didn't quite feel that deeply for me. We did get married against the wishes of my parents and the warnings from my friends, but, it was meant to be and I guess I had to learn the hard way. I ended up marrying him and he was mentally/physically abusive and cheated on me. It took me 3 1/2 years of my life to get the message and I left him flat! I decided to get a new job, get more independence and get to know for the first time who I was and what my inner strengths were. I began to realize I didn't need a constant man in my life and I did date a lot and had a great deal of fun, but then one day along came this big 6' 6" tall guy and when we saw each other we knew instantly we were meant for each other. We have now been married for 34 years. The above example I have given you is to show you that sometimes we have to go down some bumpy paths before we get to where we are destined to go. You be strong, be independent and walk away from this situation. Don't let this ex relationship bring you down, but gain knowledge and strength from it. Start seeing friends and meeting new people and before you know it you'll meet that special someone. Good luck hon Marcy

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Q: Your boyfriend just broke up with you after a long distance relationship and now he just wants to be friends. How should you handle this?
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Is it bad to have along distance boyfriend?

No..but its hard to handle

What should you do if your boyfriend likes your best friend and she likes him back?

For starters you should confront your boyfriend and ask if your suspicions are true. If so, you need to end the relationship. From there it is up to you to decide if you can handle being friends with them.

How do you handle friends to ex-boyfriend?

Some of your former friends will side with your ex boyfriend, but some won't and you will just have to wait to find out who accepts you as a friend and who doesn't. You have the opportunity at this time to also make new friends.

My Boyfriend really takes his friends oppinions even if its not his own and its causing a problem with our relationship because they dont like me for no reason. How do you handle that?

you say to your boyfriend if you want to stay with me you need to start acting like a man and not a dum man

What is the right age to get a boyfriend?

There's no age for getting a boyfriend or girlfriend because it is Love, just be sure that you are ready and you are able to handle your relationship.

Is 11 to you to have a boyfriend?

Most definitely! You might think that you are, but you're not mature enough to handle a relationship. After all, you're still a child. Don't be too hasty, you have plenty of time later for that kind of stuff. don't be in too much of a hurry to grow up. 11 is fine to have a boyfriend its young love it isn't serious to young kids its just going to the park or the movies with friends but together its not a big relationship. you guys are just more than friends hes not your boyfriend. when you 14 or so then you can have a serious relationship

What should a guy do if he likes a girl who moved and has a boyfriend?

He should evaluate how much he really likes her, and if he thinks that he can handle a long distance relationship with a girl with a new guy (and can foot the phone bill) go for it.

My Boyfriend is jealous of My friends who are boys. Im friends with some boys who are also friends with my boyfriend but everytime i talk to them or im friendly he gets upset or angry. what can i do?

tell him that if he cant handle you being around other boys then that's it!

How can you handle a long-distance relationship?

okay,the only thing i can say is this i myself am in the same relationship,in a very long distance relationship am in Asia and my galfriend is in Africa and to handle this type of relationship isn't easy at all but i can say the only thing which is needed is trust and believing that wherever he/she at, he/she does real care for your relationship,there are ups and downs so be ready to share, open to each other and see if it works, once it works the relationship is perfect.

Your ex told you that she wanted to be friends but she wanted out of our relationship?

If your ex wanted out of your relationship by still wants to be friends, it is up to you to decide if you can handle being friends. Some exes end up being great friends, while others just can't do it. If you feel uncomfortable being friends, just be honest with her.

How do you get a guy to be your boyfriend if why he won't be your boyfriend is because you and your last boyfriend go in a big fight?

The best way to handle this situation is to talk to the guy. Address him, and explain why you and your last boyfriend got in a fight. Elaborate on your side of the story, and try your best to focus upon the idea that your previous relationship with someone else will most likely be very different from the one you will have with this guy. Also, explain how you have learned from that situation, and are better aware as to how to handle conflicts within a relationship. If the guy you like doesn't take the time to listen to you or continues not to care, move on. However, if he does listen and you both decide to begin a relationship with each other, follow through with what you told him. Remember the faults of your last relationship and the negative approaches you took. Then reconstruct your actions and handle such situations differently in this new relationship. It's only fair to your boyfriend.

Why does my boyfriend prefer to be with his male friends rather than his girlfriend?

Some guys can't handle the emotional baggage women come with.

Myy Boyfriend is jealous of Myy friends who are boys?

tell him that your just friends and if he cant handle it go find someone else because if you to don't have trust you don't have anything

How do you give your boyfriend space while being in a 3000 mile long distance relationship?

By IMing, messaging and calling him less often during the day. Call or message him only when you have something meaningful to say, not just when you're bored. However, if you're only talking to him once a day, and that's still too much for him. Chances are that he's not able to handle a long-distance relationship with you.

If you really miss your ex-boyfriend and you have heard from his friends that he still likes you why hasn't he asked you out?

There are two ways you can handle this. You can believe what his friends are saying and perhaps approach your ex boyfriend and ask him out, or #2 you can move on. Beware of secondhand information because much of it can get lost in translation. If you want to give your relationship another try with your ex then it's best to meet and get the information from the horse's mouth. Good luck Marcy

How do you handle a really mean ex-boyfriend?

ignore him or kill him.

How should you handle your boyfriend?

How should you handle your boyfriend... With LOVE and RESPECT and COMPASSION! If by handle you mean control, then you don't. You are a couple! Meaning, you care for each other; meaning, you respect each other; meaning, you will jump out in front of a truck to save him. 'Handle' your boyfriend, the same way you would "Handle" your Best Friend!

What should you do when you have a boyfriend and another guy has strong feelings for you?

Tell your boyfriend about the guy with feelings for you, and your boyfriend will handle it. But, if you also like the guy who is hitting on you, then tell him that you already have a boyfriend and that you should be just friends for the moment. There is always a nice way and a way that actually works, it is your choice which. Hope I helped!

At what age should you have a boyfriend or girlfriend?

i think that it doesnt go by age its by when the person is ready and that means they need to be able to handle a relationship while also understanding what should be expected in a healthy relationship. will ithink you should at least be 13 and up but you are exactly right with the handling a relationship. Technically your parents should decide when you are ready for a girlfriend or boyfriend because they are the ones that will have to drive you and deal with the excitement of having a boyfriend or girlfriend.

Can you have a boyfriend when your11?

Depends on your definition of boyfriend. You can be friends with a person who happens to be a boy and call him a boyfriend, or maybe you want the title to mean more. Its up to you mostly. But, the first response is no, but sometimes children of that age are smitten with a boy or girl and if they get along well and agree they will call each other boyfriend or girlfriend. However, this would be just good friends. Children younger than 16 should not be dating. That is, out with a member of the opposite sex alone. It is much healthier to be out in a group of friends. Children younger than 16 should be chaperoned by an adult. Once one is older, and mature enough to handle a real boyfriend and girlfriend relationship, then dating is a natural evolution of growth and maturity.

How old should you be to have a boyfriend or girlfriend?

The best age to handle any kind of relationship is the teen years. 13 is the first year that this should be started. Any younger than that the child can have a hard time understanding the relationship.

How do you handle problems with your boyfriend?

talk it out with him, he will understand.

Is it okay to have a boyfriend at the age eleven?

It all really depends on your maturity. If you think you can handle being in a steady relationship, if you think that you can handle having to be with someone, then you can decide what you are supposed to do. It all depends on you and your sense of being and self. -ask, and you shall recieve.

How do I handle my feelings for my mother's boyfriend?

If your mother is dating him, he is off limits.

At what age is it appropriate to have a boyfriend?

This is all personal opinion. If you believe you are old enough to handle a boyfriend, and have such commitment, then by all means pursue him. Though do not, if you believe you cannot handle this.