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You realy don't have to give your boyfriend time. just space. Im sure he wants to be with you or he wouldn't have said he wanted to be a couple still. He may just feel like hes suffercating. Or hes scared cause hes never been in a truly commited relationship before. And a guy cant say hes scared so he says he needs time or some space. MATT: A guy who was scared.

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Q: Your boyfriend says he cares about you and still wants to be a couple but wants more time apart for himself should you be worried and how much time is good to keep a normal relationship?
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What is a couple relationship?

a couple relationship is a marriage

How long can a boyfriend last?

it depends on you and him it can work out when it happens its not that easy. it depends if the relationship works out but you will have fights and break up a couple of times.

You and your boyfriend moved in together very early in your relationship what are the chances this relationship will work?

I have a best friend who moved in with her boyfriend about ten months after they started dating and they're getting married next year. If you and he are a strong couple, there's no way to go but up.

Why do you dream you see your ex boyfriend from a distance?

It is not abnormal to dream about an ex boyfriend because you once were a couple in love and have made good and bad memories together so it takes some time to get over a relationship. You are dreaming he is at a distance because he is; you are no longer a couple.

If your boyfriend couple skates with you does he like you?

Apparentely if he is your BOYFRIEND!!!

How do you know your boyfriend is getting tired of your relationship?

If your boyfriend starts spending more time with his friends, or seems less interested in doing things as a couple in general, he might be getting tired of the relationship. The only way to know for sure is to talk with him about how he's feeling.

Who is Adam Lambert boyfriend?

Adam doesn't currently have a boyfriend, but a couple of his past boyfriends are Brad Bell and Drake Labry. As of 8/12 he has been in a relationship with Sauli Koskinen since 11/10.

What is a another word for 'not married'?

With no attachments: Single Married but not in a relationship: Separated Was married but not any more: Divorced In a relationship but not married: Couple, relationship, partners, boyfriend/girlfriend In a relationship but engaged: Engaged, fiancée (woman), fiancé (man). Significant other/partner.

Who is dani harmer dating?

Dani Harmer was in a relationship with Foxtrot Oscar, however, the couple broke up. There is no information regarding her current boyfriend, or if she was one.

What should you get your 14 year old boyfriend for Valentines Day?

It really depends on how your relationship is. like say you where a cute close couple and you wanted to get him a gift, i got my boyfriend a teddy bear with a picture of us in its arms:)

What does the word 'ex' mean in a relationship?

When you date someone and have a relationship and your boyfriend or girlfriend breaks up with you then that makes them your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend. 'Ex' means the relationship is over. When a couple gets married and then divorced it because 'ex husband' or 'ex wife' meaning there is either a separation and divorce and that person is no longer in your life.

Did margot have a boyfriend?

yeah she had a couple of them

Is there a cheat for getting a boyfriend without doing all the romantic stuff on the Sims 3 for PC?

You can put in the 'testingcheatsenabled true' cheat and then drag the relationship bar up on the sim you want to be your boyfriend, and then when the relationship between them is on 100 you can ask them to go steady after flirting a couple of times. Hope this helped :)

What can you do to keep a relationship with your boyfriend?

If you have to ask this question, it probably isn't working out between you two. Your future as a couple isn't looking too bright. If you want to commit to a relationship with your boyfriend, you have to just be yourself all the time. If they don't like you for who you are, then drop the guy like a hot potato. Sorry for being such a pessimist.

Does your boyfriend really love you he wants to have a baby with you you really love him but your not sure if you should go threw with that only because your relationship isnt always good?

No one here knows you or your boyfriend, nor the circumstances of your relationship. You should examine how you interact together what you close friends and family say about you as a couple. Only you can make such a decision.

Who is Claire Holts boyfriend?

It seems Claire Holt was attempting to keep her relationship a secret when the media found out. While there are many pictures now of the couple his name is unknown to the public.

What is an example of a voluntary and involunary relationship?

An example of a voluntary relationship would be when a couple decides to get married. An example of an involuntary relationship would the child/en born to this couple.

Can the word couple be used as an adjective?

yes, if you are talking about like boyfriend girlfriend tpe of couple. If you are talking like a couple of apples, then no.

How can you tell if your boyfriend is love with you?

if and when you and your boyfriend finish .. he will be heart broken and want you back. Even after a couple of years!

My best friend is going away to college while Im going local we recently became a couple how do I ask him about our future or where our relationship will be once he moves?

You should just come out and tell him that you are worried about your relationship and need to discuss how you guys will mange. He will most likely be willing to talk about it. Good Luck!

If your Relationship in hell what do you do?

take couple consoling

What is love and relationship?

being a couple with somebody

What are the other factors that may affect the relationship of a couple?

the factors that can affest the relationship of a couple is the ff: money food too many number of siblings............

What does a couple mean in English?

either 2 or a couple in people meaning a marriage or relationship

What is the meaning of mellifluous couple?

A mellifluous couple is a couple who are polite & cordial to each other, and whose relationship appears to be & symbiotic.