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Had the same problem with a Ford Contour. Turned out to be a loose connection on the turn signal switch. remove top trim from steering column and dsisconnect and re-connect connectors. Good luck.

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โˆ™ 2005-04-17 19:32:34
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Q: Your brake lights come on sometimes but sometimes do not the tail lights work all the time and you have change the brake switch but still have the problem?
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What is the problem when the hazard lights on a 1990 Chevrolet Silverado wont turn off so took the fuse out but then no brake lights or blinkers.?

Change out the switch. Bad switch!!

On my 99 neon sometimes indicator lights stay on steady sometimes flash the way they should Why?

When this happens, wiggle the turn signal stalk. If this fixes the problem, you need a new turn signal switch. Sometimes when you hit the brakes, the lights will come on. This is an indication of a bad switch.

Why do the brake lights or tail lights not work if you change bulb and the fuses are good?

A bad brake light switch or a bad headlight switch, or the power source of the fuse has a problem or break in the wire (circuit).

My dash lights went out and its not my fuses?

Check your headlight switch. Sometimes the switch goes bad and the dash lights won't light. Replace the switch for the fix.

What is causing your parking lights to flash when the car is turned off on my 1999 Oldsmobile aurora?

Too much grease in the switch you use to turn your lights,,,dealer charge 500$ to change that switch I have a solution the with 22$ you fix your problem

Why does brake lights not work sometimes on a 1992 mercury capri?

As this is an intermittant problem it is more than likely the brake light switch is sticking at times..

What if you put a new head light switch in and you have head lights but no park lights and if you put it between park lights and head lights then you get park lights and no head lights?

You either got a bad new Switch or more likely you have a power supply problem to the park side of the switch.

When you turn the light switch on you get no dash lights console radio?

try replacing the dimmer switch they sometimes go bad and do not allow voltage to the lights

88 Toronado and my tail lights stay on sometimes when the car is off whats the problem?

i had the same problem with my 88 trofeo, there is a little box behind the brake peddle don't no what its called but when its pressed, the switch is activated and lights come on,the switch on your car is stuck, its not hard to change it took 5 mins 4 me, so hope i can help... (n e 1 with an 88 trofeo email me because i have some questions ace of the twilight switch all the way to the left and turn the lights off that's what i do

Our ford pick up 1998 signal lights only work sometimes and sometimes it will come if you jiggle or turn off and on several times. What is the problem?

Bad switch inside the steering column.

Running lights and dash boards lights are not working?

There is likely a problem with either the headlight switch or the associated circuit.

1998 Silverado and the tail lights and dash lights went out Do you know how to fix this problem?

Check the fuse or switch.

What can you do if your 1999 Beetle reverse lights are not working?

Had the same problem with mine. The dealership told me it was the backup light switch. I had the same problem, as do 99% of VW beetle owners. There was a recall on the Brake Light Switch. Call your dealer and they should change it for free. I did. It worked for a bit, but now i think one of my brake lights is out again.

Head lights went out only brights work what is the problem Is the problem in the light switch or in the steering colume?

I own a 1991 F-150 and had same problem. Check the high beam (floor) switch. That was my problem, I normally kick the switch.

The brake lights stay on is it a fuse problem?

The brake relay switch is bad.

What could be the problem if the tail lights and dashboard lights are not working your headlights are hooked up on a separate switch?

First check your fuses if none are blown then check the switch.

What is wrong when the brake lights seem to work sometimes and not other times in a 1995 Chevy lumina?

Its most likely the brake switch. Its a plunger like switch on the brake pedal. Its pretty easy and cheap to change.

Why are your brake lights stuck on your 206 1999?

Brake Lights "Stuck" ONUsually that is caused by the brake light switch becoming "out of adjustment," but sometimes it can be caused by a defective brake light switch.

I don't have any dash lights or gauges working What do I need to do for a Jeep Comanche?

I had a 1986 cj that had the same problem. Couldn't find the problem until the dimmer switch on the floorboard went out. Replaced the switch and the gauge lights started to work.

Headlights tail lights brake lights and horn wont work on my 1994 dodge Dakota can anyone help?

I am having the same problem. Did you get yours fixed? I can't seem to locate the problem area. Changed all of the fuses. Looking for the relay switch to change and then the last thing i can think to replace it the switch. Let me know if you fixed it. Thanks

When the dashboard lights fail on the 2000 Vauxhall Vectra and all the fuses appear ok what is the problem and if its the lightbulb how do you get at it to change it?

the most common problem with this is that the customer has the dimmer turned down (located below the headlight switch)

Why no tail lights on your 98 Volvo s70?

I had a similar problem with my S70 and discovered the headlight switch was defective. The switch had actually begun to separate causing the contacts for the tail lights not to make contact. Try having someone observe the tail lights while you push on the headlight switch. If the tail lights begin to work, replace the headlight switch.

Tail and Interior lights don't function when you switch them on and only when you press your brakes or reverse do they function where can the problem be?

you have a short in light switch replace light switch

You have no brake lights on your truck and it not the bulbs or the switch on the pedal what could be the problem?

Check all the fuses. If not bulbs or switch that's all that it can be,

86 Cherokee Pioneer tail and marker and dash lights failed but the fuses are OK and headlights OK anybody have this problem?

I have the same problem. Everything I am finding suggests bad headlight switch. If you know how to change the switch try it. I think a new switch is like $5. Personally I have no mechanical skill so I'm taking to a mechanic, but new switch should fix the problem if most of these guys are in agreement.