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It all truly depends. I have been there. Why are you overseas? If you are military, contact the State Board of Military (veterans) Affairs, or the Veterans Assistance Commission, depending on what state it is depends on the title. These "commissions" are made up of personnel who are veterans, and have the resources of the other veterans agencies such as DAV and VFW. Another step is to contact the local Legal Assistance Office. Depending on why it was impounded, it may be an illegal action according to the Soldier Sailor Servicemembers' Relief Act. If you are not military, such as DoD civilian, or one of the Alphabet Soup Agencies, you are still entitled to the use of the Legal Assistance Office. DO NOT GO TO JAG. JAG cannot help you. You have to go to Legal Assistance. The main thing is, was this a result of your actions or someone else's. To find out the car information, you can contact the state department of motor vehicles for the state registered, explain your situation (you are overseas and need the info on the car) and they should provide the information. You may have to provide a signed letter, by fax or other means that shows your signature, but they should be able to provide you the information.

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Q: Your car got impounded and you are currently overseas you do not have any of your car information with you How do you find all of that information out?
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