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It is under warranty, take it back to the dealer.

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Where is Headlight on warning chime for Buick Century?

The chime is located on the dashboard of the Century. If it does not sound, you may need to have your vehicle's electrical system examined.

Why would a 2001 Buick Century have a ticking sound that is only noticeable when the car is idling?

A ticking or clicking sound is probably lifter noise, the valves need adjusting

What causes wer sloshing sound in dash board on a 2002 buick park ave?

What causes the water slosing sound in dash oard of a buick park ave2002

Will failing fuel pump cause a humming sound in 1994 buick century?

Yes a humming out back could be a fuel pump failing. I have gone through 2 in my 1993 Century - 150 k miles - They have to drain and drop the tank to repair

Can you hook up amp and woofers to a 2000 Buick stock radio?

yea i think u can i have a 98 buick century and i was told from a dude at my local car audio shop that u can either get a sound processor or an rca converter but i have yet to do it but im finna go do it tomorrow

You replaced the radiator on your 93 Buick century and now you hear a sound in the car like water running through a pipe?

chances are you don't have it full enough and there is a bleed valve by water pump

Why does your 3.1 liter v6 buick century idle rough and stalls has a hissing sound from hose on top of engine?

That might be the PCV pipe or some other vacuum leak. That will cause stalling.

Does please have a short e sound?

No, the EA in please has a long E sound (pleez), as in tease.

What actors and actresses appeared in A Century of Sound - 2007?

The cast of A Century of Sound - 2007 includes: Robert Gitt as himself

Does please have a long a sound?

No. The EA has a long E sound as in tease.

Why clunking when accelerating to highway speed?

Buick makes a clunking sound from trans area when accelerating.

Is The Sound of Music a Disney film?

No, The Sound of Music was a 20th Century Fox film.

Does please have a long e sound?

Yes. The EA has a long E sound as in tease. It has the sound (pleez).

Is it common for a 3.1 engine in a 2001 Buick Century with 30000 miles to have a clicking noise even when warm?

It is more than likely that the clicking noise is just the sound of the fuel injectors intermitently squirting fuel into the cylinder. Yes, this is normal.

What is the Dinging sound coming from passenger side dash 92 Buick Regal Custom?

The Sound I was hearing was the turn signal on reminder (sorry I have no manual)

Where is the horn relay switch located on a 1995 Buick Century?

My service manual says it's in the convenience center, behind the instrument panel to the left of the steering column. It can be accessed by removing the left sound insulator and the steering column filler panel.

Why sound when starting engine?

Every engine makes a sound when starting ... please be more specific.

How do you say please in lithuanian?

"Please" is "Prasau", the "s" makes a "sh" sound. /prah-show/

Your 2002 Buick Rendezvous has a ticking sound?

Get out and run away save youreself alot of money and grief.

Do now and sound rhyme?

No. Please see the related questions below for "What rhymes with now?" and "What rhymes with sound?"

How do you tell if the fuel pump is bad in a 93 buick century?

Remove filler cap and turn key to "on" position and listen for humming sound Check fuel pressure: At engine idle 13-20 psi Key on engine off 23-31 psi

Does please have a long vowel sound?

Yes, the EA pair has a long E sound. The ending E is silent.

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