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I had the same problem. If you have a Power Steering pump, it is attached to an adjuster bracket. Losten the bolt ( 10mm I think) just below the wheel then push the pump down the belt will loosen. For the other belt the alternator has the same thing, but the bolt is on top of the laternator, and you pull the alternator towards the front of the car which will give the belt slack to remove. Replace belts then pull the pump/alternator back in place then tighten bolt.

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Q: Your car is a 93 Toyota Paseo and you cannot find a tensioner tool under the hood what do you do to change the serpentine belt because it cut in half and fell off?
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Where do you find belt tensioner tool for a 2003 pantiac vibe?

Assuming you're asking about the serpentine belt, you cannot adjust the tension. If the belt is too loose it's either because it needs to be replaced or the belt tensioner needs to be replaced.

How do you tighten the serpentine belt on a 1991 Plymouth Voyager?

You cannot tighten the belt. It has a tensioner that holds the proper tension. If the belt is loose then either the belt is worn out or the tensioner has failed.

How do you tighten the serpentine belt tensioner for a 1997 mercury sable?

You cannot adjust the tension on this, it has a spring inside of it. If it is weak, it must be replaced.

Changing serpentine belt Mazda b3000?

even with the tensioner loosened all the way i still cannot get the belt on. Any suggestions on how to get the belt on?

How does one adjust the serpentine belt on a 1991 Mercedes 300E 6 cylinder?

There is an adjuster on the power steering pump. One cannot adjust it as it has an automatic tensioner if the belt is squeaking it is time to replace belt/tensioner or both

How to Tighten belt on grand marquis?

Engine used a serpentine belt, with a spring-loaded tensioner. You cannot tighten the belt. If the belt is slipping, either one of the driven components is going bad and dragging the belt, or the tensioner is bad.

I have a 2006 ford five hundred and am having a problem getting the belt tight enough I have the belt on all wheels alternator and belt tensioner properly but I cannot move the belt tension?

This vehcile uses a serpentine belt. The belt tension is set automatically by the tensioner. If the tensioner is stuck and will not apply tension to the belt then it is defective and needs replacing.

How do you adjust the serpentine belt tension on your 1992 town car which you think is causing engine to die when you turn on heat and fan?

Serpentine belts have an automatic tensioner, which cannot be adjusted. But your problem sounds like poor alternator performance, have it checked, at your local parts store most do it for free.

How do you adjust the serpentine belt on a 2001 Jeep Wrangler 6 cylinder It appears their is an adjustable arm below the alternator?

You cannot. It is automatically tensioned by the part that you describe. If it is out of adjustment, a new belt and tensioner is required.

What is the gas mileage for the libery toyota?

"Unfortunately, Liberty Toyota is a Toyota dealership, so I cannot help you answer that one. There is no gas mileage for this because it is not a car.."

What makes a timing belt slip?

Worn belt or belt that has stretched to the point the tensioner cannot keep the proper tension. The tensioner can also be defective. Replace the belt and the tensioner.

How do you adjust the tensioner on a 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan?

You cannot adjust the belt tension on a 2000 dodge grand caravan. This vehicle is equipped with an automatic tensioner. If tensioner is frozen or will not hold the belt tight, it must be replaced.

Can Serpentine Super eliminate lawn crickets?

No, Serpentine Super cannot eliminate lawn crickets. The product in question is a pasture fertilizer, not a lawn pesticide.

How do you adjust timing chain on a Honda xr600?

You cannot adjust the tensioner. It is automatic, and takes out the slack of a stretching/aging cam chain. Once the tensioner has fully extended, the only fix is to replace the chain and the part of the tensioner the chain rides on if it is worn.

How many belts are on a 2003 Toyota corolla and when should they be replaced?

Open the hood and count them. They should be replaced when they are worn out. Inspect them for fraying, cracks on the top side, or if they are streatched to the point they cannot be adjusted properly. ************ There is only one serpentine belt on the 9th Generation Corolla, 2003 to 2009 model years, all have the same engine, the 1.8Liter 1ZZ FE and has spring loaded tensioner, the only reason the belt can become 'loose' is the tensioner has become weak or broken. Yes, inspect it, but Toyota has no set mileage interval for replacement. It will last at least 60,000 miles or more. There is an exception to the 9th Generation, the XRS Trim was available for the 2005 and 2006 model years with a High-Performance 2ZZ GE 1.8Liter, but still with a single belt.

How do you tighten the serpentine belt on a 1997 jeep?

A serpentine belt has an idler pulley on is to keep it tight at all times. If your serpentine belt is loose, then something is worn out. Its possible the idler pulley is stuck in its bracket so it cannot move or the spring on it is worn out.

How do you program an ignition key for a 2007 Toyota Rav 4?

you need to take it to a Toyota dealer. this cannot be done without a Toyota special tool

Can I replace a 2000 Toyota Camry 4 cylinder motor with a 1992 Toyota 4 cylinder motor?

No, you cannot.

How do I replace the tensioner pulley on a 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan?

Us a 15 mm wrench to release the tension on the serpentine belt and remove it. Jack up the vehicle and support it on jack stands. With a universal joint and a really long extension, remove the 15 mm nut on the back side to the engine bracket. You cannot see the bolt, you just have to feel for it. Pull the old tensioner out and put the new one in. Tighten the 15 mm nut down reinstall the drive belt.

Is it possible to fix the AC system on your own 1986 Toyota Camry LE?

yes, but it must be done by a dealership because the you cannot buy the freon

What is the routing for the serpentine belt on a VW passat 1999?

There should be a sticker in the engine compartment to show u, or the owners manual or just go by the dealer and just ask someone just do it do not be afraid to ask someone they cannot say no and shout u too...TOUGH LOVE LARRY Ok my b5 AFN engined Passat serpentin belt code 5PK1588. Would have posted a jpeg drawing but site wont let me. With the Air-con belt removed, thread the new serpentine belt between the tensioner and fan first, with the grooves against the tensioner, and work counter clockwise i.e. crank, bottom idler, power steering. Then lever the tensioner away from the fan with a 15mm spanner and slip the belt over the alternator pulley, that way there's no need for the service position. Refit your air-con belt and your good to go.

Fuse box location on 1987 Toyota Celica?

I cannot find the fuse for the cigarette lighter for the 1987 Toyota celica

CHow can you know if your pulley is bad or the entire tensioner assembly on a Windstar?

If the tensioner cannot put a full 'load' on a new belt (as shown by the wear indicator markings on the side of the tensioner) - it's likely the tensioner requires replacing.NOTE: some sources recommend replacing it at 60,000A bad pulley (bearing) would be making whining/screaming noises.See "Related Questions" below for more

Do you answer Toyota questions?

Yes, if I can. If I cannot someone else will. Ask your question.

Where can one purchase a Melody Toyota?

A person cannot buy a Melody Toyota. This is the name of a Toyota dealership! Not a very highly rated one either, at least from the reviews that have been posted.