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check for bad manifold or throtle body gasket. loss of vacume can stall vehicle

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Q: Your car keeps shutting off when you take your foot off of the brakes why is this happening?
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Which brakes are used more when stopping a car?

Foot brakes are used to stop a car. In an emergency however both the foot and hand brakes can be used to stop a car.

What is foot breaking in a race car?

Applying the brakes with your foot!

Steering wheel shaking and foot brake pulsating?

When this is happening, it may mean that they brakes are going out. This also means that the brake drums or rotors may be warped or not round anymore.

How do you stop a car with one foot?

hit the brakes....

How do you do the brakes?

place pressure on the pedal with your foot (preferably)

When you put a foot on the brakes there is air what is that from?

from the brake booster

Why does your car shake when your foot is off the brakes?

vacuum leak 65 power brakes run off a vacuum, when you apply your brakes you stop the air leak. 65;

When the foot brakes is pressed what light must come on?


What is the answer to the riddle What happens when you step on the brakes?

The answer is : "Your life is in your foot's hands!"

When your foot is on the brakes why does it shake you?

Your rotors need to be turned. They have become warped.

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Why do the brakes not release when foot off pedal?

When brakes will not release when a foot is off the pedal, this is called sticking. There are various reasons for brakes sticking, but the most common involve an obstruction with the brake cable or the brake pads physically sticking to the drums or rotors. The safest way to remedy this problem is to have a professional inspect the vehicle.

What keeps a clutch open in a 98 vw passat?

your foot

What is the first thing you do when you find yourself in a skid caused by brakes being locked on your vehicle?

Take you foot off the brakes. This may restore some traction so you can steer or apply the brakes more gently.

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How do you slow down vehicles?

The vehicle driver either take their foot of the accelerator and applies the brakes.

What does Covering the brakes means?

Hovering your foot over the brake without actually pressing on the brake

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Why do the brakes of your car sqeak when foot is taken off the brake pedal?

That would be the brake "squealer" making that noise. It's telling you the brakes pads are worn down and in need of attention.

What do you do when you in down hill with car?

Take your foot off the accelerator and gently pump the brakes so not to overheat the brakes. Downshift to a lower gear to use the engine for braking

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