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check oil level. go to engine shop.

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Q: Your car makes has begun to make knocking sounds and is slow to take off What could it be?
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1996 Chevy cavilier z24 makes knocking noise when running could this be timing belt tensioner needs to be replaced?

A "knocking" noise sounds like a bad connecting rod bearing. You may be ready to "sling a rod". These engines are famous for it.

Car makes loud knocking sound at high speeds?

A loud knocking noise in the motor of a car at high speeds is most likely the engine. There could be another issue with the transmission if the knocking only happens at high speeds.

When climbing hill engine makes knocking sound 1nzfe engines?

owners manual say it could be normal,but carbon on pistons from my experience also cause knocking,when I remove carbon knocking stops,I have corolla with 1nze engine.

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What is wrong with a car if it makes knocking sounds upon acceleration and leaks oil?

Does the knock sound like it is coming from the bottom of the engine or is it more of a tick from the top? How quick do you lose oil?

Why does my skyline 1994 turbo car make knocking sounds under hood when car is turned on?

When it makes that noise it is either because your reving it to high or just because your engine is goin

What if i hit a rock with my car--now it rattles and makes loud knocking sounds when i start it and in reverse?

Take it to a garage and have it put up on a lift for an inspection. It must have been a big rock!

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Audi A4 B6 What makes a knocking sound at the front wheels before the car comes to a stop?

Could be the brake caliper or the CV joint going.

When you break your car makes a knocking noise?

warped rotors , brake

97 Pontiac Bonneville and when you turn it on and even when driving it makes a knocking sound what could it be?

well all i can say is its a piece of junk and u should give away

When you put your ford escort in reverse it makes a loud knocking sound What could this be?

Fully inspect your tires. A piece of one (or more of) your tires may be tearing off.

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When you turn your heat on in your car it makes a knocking sound?

You need to get your car checked.

Why does Kawasaki kx 100 noise coming from engine at low rpm?

iv got 2 o5s an 1 makes a knocking noise but the bike is really clean an the other sounds softer an no knock ! Not sure what it is but its driving me nuts!

Pug 106 quiksilver and when you turn left only a fairly low speeds it makes a bad knocking noise what could this be?

check wheel bearings and cv joints if applicable

1997 Chevy lumina 3.1 and it makes knocking noise coming from the engine when I start it It goes away after about 2 minutes what could this be?

The condition may possibly be piston slap.

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Mine and everyone I have hears makes a knocking sound at idle, I wouldn't worry about it unless it does it through the whole rpm or is really lowed

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2002 trailblazer when you accelerate it makes bad knocking sound?

IT is your CV Joints which is making this noise.

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