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Get a can of throttle body cleaner, start the engine and when the engine is idling, spray the cleaner at all the vacuum hose connections and see if the engines starts to rev up a bit. If it does, you have a vacuum leak at that point. Keep checking you may have a few. If you have enough vacuum leaks your car can idle but as soon as you put it under load, the increased air throws the fuel mixture off and with too much air and not enough fuel the engine stumbles and dies.

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You put your car in gear the front end shakes but idles fine?

Sounds like a motor mount or a transmission problem.......

Car shakes then cuts out in low gear?

it might be b/c you are either switching the clutch too early or too late. it might need a curtain part, this happened to my fathers Honda dx

Why would your car shake when it is in gear and and idleng but not moving Same for when not in gear shakes when it waunts to out of gear. but shake when in gear and at idle?

Check your motor mounts.

You have an 86 Nissan pickup 4cyl 2.4lt z24 engine runs fine in 1st and 2nd gear but shakes a lot in 3 4 and 5th gear started after replacing clutch master and slave cylinders?

your u joint could be bad

Why does my 2001 Ford Ranger XLT throttle back at 3200 RPM when in park but does fine on the road?

The powertrain control module cuts back on the fuel to limit RPM to prevent damage to the engine when it is in gear - at a much higher RPM , but also cuts back on the fuel at a much lower RPM when not in gear and there is no load on the engine

When i start my dodge caravan it shakes when put in gear it shuts off?

is the transmiton

If the car starts but when you put it in gear it cuts off?

car starts but when i put it in gear it stop

1990 Honda Accord manual transmission and when the car is warmed up when accelerating the car shakes as if in too high a gear even when in the correct gear possibe transmission problem?

When the car shakes n it on the correct its becsuse its out of timeing

How do you fix the car if it cuts off when you put it in gear and it cuts off?

adjust your carb so it will keep the fuel up

What causes your car to drop rpm when put in gear?

because you are engaging the clutch which cuts out the engine for a smooth gear change

Why does your motorcycle idle fine but bog out when in gear?

Your motorcycle might idle fine and bog out when in gear because of a problem with the carburetor or the bowl. If either area is dirty, it will often bog the bike when in gear.

Car struggles to get out of the first gear and shakes even when gas is pressed?

Tune up including the fuel filter.

Which gear should you use to start up on a slippery road?

1st gear is fine but do not overrev the engine

What could be wrong when an automatic 1997 Dodge Neon shakes and sputters or or stalls when in first gear or reverse when cold but is fine after it warms up?

Could be your oil is old or too thick. I would try a tune-up and oil change before looking elsewhere.

Your engine cuts out after the engine warms up?

2004 dodge grand caravan 4.0sxt cuts up when apply brake in gear and rpm go up and down.

Why is your stick shift wobbly?

The gear lever SHOULD be wobbly - in neutral. If it wobbles excessively in gear, then that often points to worn linkage somewhere. Vans and lorries will have gearsticks that shake more than cars, because the market demand is for cars to be more refined.

Whole Car shakes over 2.5 rpm on every gear. NOT tires. What's Wrong?

Try engine mounts. That could be the cause. If in gear and auto may be the torque converter.

Bike runs good tell you put it in gear then it dies what is the problum?

check the side stand switch , this cuts out the engine if it (the side stand) is down when you put the bike in gear .

What would be wrong if the fourth gear doesn't work in 1996 z24 but all the other gears work fine?

If it will not go into gear, but the other gears work fine it would be the synchros and if it looks like it is in 4th gear and feels like it is in 4th gear then it could be that the gear selector is not aligned properly and the car is not in gear although it looks like it is. Also, if it looks to be in gear and doesn't work and the motor just revs freely, then all of the teeth on the gear itself could be work off.

What kind of gear oil in front end of 02 ford excusion super duty 4x4?

you dont have to go back stock. any 80w or 90w will be fine. gear oil is gear oil. just tell the parts hose you need 80w 90, and you will be fine.

What gear oil goes in a 1989 Chevy C1500?

85w90 will be just fine.

Does a 95 s10 manual tranmmission uses gear oil or regular tranmmission fluid?

It does not use gear oil, Mercon works fine.

How do you pull the timing gear off a big block Chevy crankshaft?

A small two-jaw or three-jaw gear puller works fine.

Your car makes a grinding noise between 1st and 2nd gear?

Need a new gearbox. You get a grinding noise only in first gear when you accelerate fast . second gear and the rest should be fine.

Is your car clunking when changing gear?

No, it's fine but, if it was it might be a worn out universal joint.

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