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What part of the car squeeks? If you're saying the belt makes noise, and it's a serpentine belt... yes, you should replace it. Check the underside, where the grooves are. If you see a lot of little cracks, that's where the noise is comming from. While you have the old belt off, check the idler pulleys and other pulleys for bad bearings. Give them a spin and they should be quiet and turn smoothly... except the alternator, which makes a little noise when the brushes rub. But even then, the alternator should turn freely. It's a good idea to keep the belt in good shape. That keeps you from getting stranded. Yes its the belt that is squeaky i sprayed both belts and when i sprayed them they instantly went quiet after about 20 minutes of traffic driving they were squeaky again its a semi new car???

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Q: Your car squeaks when started you sprayed WD40 on and the noise went away for a few minutes then it just came back with that known does that mean its your belt or possibly something else?
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