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If you've done all of that it's time to run a compression test. Pay particular attention to any cylinder with a fouled sparkplug.

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How can previous training affect performance?

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A battery helps a car run, and it starts with a B.

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94 b3500 v8 runs good then quits wait 20 min then it starts again does same thing changed coil and still the same when it quits dont get a spark from coil need help?

try changing the igniton module (dist. module) usually located on the base of the distributor. hope this helps!

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Why will my 2002 Chevy Impala not always start?

This a very vague question and there are a number of reasons why your car might not start. If it doesn't start and you have to jump it, then it starts up fine for a while and then doesn't work again its probably your battery. If, while you're driving, you accelerate and your headlights get brighter then you slow down and they dim and eventually your car sputters out and won't start you have a bad alternator. If you have to turn the key a couple times to get it to start check your spark plugs and/or wire connections. Hope this helps

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1998 200sx when decelerating the car starts jerking until you give it gas again. anybody know how to stop this?

Change the PCV valve, it helps and or eliminates this. I have a 96 200sx ser change the PCV valve it helps or eliminates this problem. This helps also on 95-2000 sentras including the 2.0L

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